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WebCookiesSniffer Captures Cookies Sent To Your System

Everyone knows that websites store cookies in browsers, these can be cookies for login sessions, the dreaded cookies that tell Facebook if you’re cheating on your spouse or not and third party cookies from ad agencies, among others. There are also a number of extensions that allow you to mange cookies in browsers and you can manually manage them from your browser settings. The only problem is if you’re using more than one browser, which many people do, you have to manage cookies on both. Additionally, applications too save cookies, though you may not have paid much attention to it. WebCookiesSniffer is a Windows utility that captures all cookies that are saved on your system by websites via browsers and by applications. It provides you a comprehensive view of all cookies saved, tells you which site the cookies originated from, how many there are and where they are saved.

The utility itself does not require any installation and you only have to run the EXE file however, it does require certain drivers to be preinstalled on your system to work. The utility supports Windows versions as old as Windows 2000. Each of the four cookie capturing options depends on a certain driver being installed on your system but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to install four different drivers. You can install any one of WinPcap Packet Capture Driver, Network Monitor Driver, or Network Monitor river 3.x. Alternatively, you can try the Raw Sockets method but it might not work on every system. The utility was tested after installing WinPcap driver. To choose which method you want to use, launch the utility, go to Options > Capture Options and select any one of four. If you do not have the drivers installed, the corresponding capture option will be inactive.

Capture Options

You can choose to start the utility when you boot your system and it will capture all cookies that are saved from the second you go online. To stop the utility from saving cookies, go to File > Stop capture or click the red square on the top bar.


The utility lists all sites that have saved cookies, the number of cookies each site has stored, their location, length and the cookie string. You can save any cookie as a TXT file by right-clicking and selecting Save Selected Item or by selecting a cookie and clicking the save icon on the top bar. The utility cannot not capture cookies from secure websites (HTTPS).

Download WebCookiesSniffer

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