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WebReader Is Cross-Platform Google Reader Desktop Client

WebReader is an Adobe Air based Google Reader client for desktop.  It makes it easy to manage Google Reader subscriptions right from the desktop with options to view feeds in three viewing modes including Full, Summary, and Titles. With WebReader you can quickly manage all your subscriptions, add new feed list, and perform all the other feeds related tasks that are available in Google Reader with convenience.

After you’ve installed the application, launch it to enter Google account credentials.


Once logged in, it presents you a simple interface with navigation bar to navigate through subscribed feeds. The main window designed to be minimalistic. You can mark posts as favorite to add them in your favorite list. The utility of three different viewing modes means that other than viewing feeds separately, you can also view multiple feeds simultaneously. These options can be selected from the three viewing options on the top right corner (next to Mark all as read).


WebReader contains all the common Google Reader features,  including, adding new subscriptions, creation and management of folders and labels via the context menu, and a search box for quickly locating feeds, etc.


Overall, it is a simple desktop client for Google Reader with some additional viewing options. As it is an Adobe Air based application, therefore it works on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. If you would like to get a stylish desktop app for Google Reader, check out Espresso Reader. For Mac, try out Reeder.

Download WebReader


  1. I just installed it. It’s really nice and the design is awesome.
    I think it’s their beginning, because it doesn’t seem to have multiple versions, so I hope they’ll implement some keyword shortcuts, because @Cogito is right about that one. At least I would want some saved searches, to keep track on some keywords, not to search them all the time.
    @Carl: I think you fail to see because you don’t realise you already do this. I use Grooveshark’s app for desktop and really helps me by not keeping a tab opened all the time. Also I think you should put the same question about Yahoo Messenger, why don’t you use it in your browser, so Firefox will fill with tabs that you use, slow down, eat some memory etc.
    Honestly, I think it’s great, it convinced me at first sight to use it instead of Google Reader.

  2. This app has zero keyboard shortcuts. This is a total deal-breaker for me.
    Also, on OSX you have to force-quit to exit the application.

    This one is still a little rough around the edges if you ask me.

  3. Looks interesting, but i fail to see why you would load up another application when you can just use Reader in your browser.

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