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WebRipper – A Free Powerful Image, Video, And Music Ripper

WebRipper is a powerful ripping tool which is used to find and extract images and media files from any specified website. With this tool downloading large number of images, videos, music, or documents from any website becomes a breeze. It is flexible, you can specify the target URL to rip the images or you can use the integrated web search function to find images based on your keywords. It also lets you set certain filters on your search items and thus in this way gives you more control over your search.

This post has been updated to let you know that WebRipper also supports Windows 8. The article was updated on April 3, 2012.

It has a very cool, user-friendly interface where you can easily start the search from Job Management > New > Targeted rip job or Image search job option or you can also create a new job from Create a new job option located in the icon bar. In Targeted rip job, you specify the website address and it rips all images, videos, documents, etc from the specified address while in the Image search job, you specify the keyword and it searches for whole internet against that particular keyword.


Now lets start a new targeted rip job, first of all specify the website URL and click Add Address.

target search

Click Next and then choose what you want to search. You can choose between image, sound,video, document, and other.

webripper- choose option

Click Next and follow the further simple steps, it will start searching for the specified item (images, videos, documents, etc whatever you have specified to search) from the provided web URL. It also displays the preview of the ripped items, while downloading.


Download WebRipper

It offers you full control over your rip jobs,  you can pause and start them whenever you want. It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Enjoy!

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