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Website Security Monitor Scans Website For Virus, Errors, Scripts, & More

If you are using CMS system for your website, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc with installed 3rd party plugins, it can be hard to determine whether your website has been affected by malware or a phishing script or not. In order to identify such issues or to check your website for malicious agents, you can use Website Security Monitor. It allows checking your webpages for unauthorized links, scripts, ads and inappropriate content. Additionally, it provides information regarding your website accessibility, performance, web server, database integrity, number of external and internal links, and web server security. Website Security Monitor has been created by the same developer who brought us the previously reviewed Social Monitor and Internet Security Controller.

To begin, click on Site manager and add website(s) to scan. You can also scan multiple websites simultaneously.


Once the scan is completed, it will generate a report displaying summary, scripts, and links in three separate tabs along with a detailed report.

Website Security Monitor

All potentially malicious content is flagged in red color. Website Security Monitor not just provides the utility of scanning numerous websites at the same time but also adds them into separate tabs to conveniently view the scan result.

Unknown script

To restrict number of threads, page size and page speed during the scanning process, click on program Settings. The Partner Websites tab displays a list of websites which are exempted from being flagged. These include Twitter, Google Adsense, Wikipedia, Facebook, Feedburner, etc. Unfortunately, the software does not provide options to add websites to an exception list.

Program Settings

The Stop Words tab provides an overview of the kind of words which are flagged.

Stop words

Website Security Monitor works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Website Security Monitor

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