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Weeny Free PDF Cutter: Split, Encrypt & Password-Protect Your PDF Documents

Extracting certain required pages off a large PDF document can be easily achieved these days, via various different software. There are umpteen number of applications and services available out there that let you view, and most importantly, in our case, cut or split a PDF document into separate files, but most tools require you to set advance options to get the job done. Today, we discovered an application labelled as Weeny Free PDF Cutter, which is quite the opposite. It is a small, yet powerful application, which lets you cut your PDF document pages into separate documents, so that you can easily rearrange specified pages according to your preferences. The ease factor here is the meticulous division of the required settings into separate sections. Details to follow after the break.

In order to cut your document, launch the application and click Add PDFs to select the file. There are two ways to split pages; either select the number of pages you want to split, or choose a range of pages.

Weeny Free PDF Cutter

Before you hit Cut Now! on toolbar, move to Settings, where you can specify Output path and set file overwriting option. Additionally, you can choose to add certain information to your documents, for example, Title, Subject, Author and Keywords.

One of the effective ways of protecting a document is watermark it. The application luckily, provides this facility as well. Simply click Watermark Settings to select either image or a text watermark. There are various watermark-related options available, such as opacity, rotation and offset values (to choose its position on the document).


If watermarking the document wasn’t enough, you may further secure your documents with a password.  Head over to Security Settings, and before you password protect your document, first mark Enabled Password Encryption option. You can enter password to protect document viewing as well as document editing. For instance, if you want to restrict users from editing the document, first check Enabled Password Encryption option, and then enable Need password to edit document option. Now, enter password and set other document editing-related options. Once done, choose the encryption algorithm, and then click Cut Now! to password-protect your PDF document page(s).

Weeny Free PDF Cutter is an excellent tool to split PDF documents. Not only does it allow you to save pages from PDF file separately, it also encrypts the PDF documents with specified key. The application works on Windows XP, WIndows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Weeny Free PDF Cutter

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