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What Is InPrivate Browsing And How To Enable It In IE 8?

What is InPrivate Browsing

If you are on a public computer then you will definitely like to keep the traces of your web activity hidden from others. Whenever you visit any particular website, your web browser saves information about your web activity in the form of sessions, cookies, cache etc. There could be many cases in which you would not want your browsing history to be saved at all. With Internet Explorer 8 you can now prevent it from storing data about your browsing session by running it in InPrivate Browsing mode.

The concept is not unique, Mozilla’s Firefox 3 was to include it but later they dropped this feature due to some technical issues, Safari and Chrome also includes a similar feature.

How To Enable InPrivate Browsing In IE8

One thing which you should understand is that InPrivate Browsing is not such a property which can be kept enabled by default or all the time. What you can do is, simply open any particular browser session in InPrivate. Go to Safety > InPrivate Browsing to enable the  InPrivate Browsing session, once you will click it, IE will launch another browser session in this mode.

InPrivate Browsing That’s it, here is the screenshot showing how the browser session looks in the InPrivate Mode.


To close the InPrivate Browsing, simply close the particular browser session.

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