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What Is Taskhost.exe Process?

There are two types of services in Windows, Registry based services and DLL based services. Whenever your computer boots up, windows registers all of the required DLL’s and runs the services associated with them. Taskhost.exe is the process which controls all DLL based services.

It is an integral part of the Windows operating system, if you disable this process then the core vital parts of your windows operating system will stop working.


There could be multiple instances of taskhost.exe running,  as there will be one instance of this process for every DLL-based service, so if your windows operating system is running multiple DLL based services then you will find multiple instances of this process.

If in some case, you see errors regarding taskhost.exe, then please note that the root cause of these errors will be due to an issue in some DLL. If your DLL is not registered properly, we have a tool for it too. Enjoy!


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