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Wieldy: An Easy To-Do List And Contact Manager

To-do list managers are available in numbers & comes with different flavors carrying relative attributes. Amongst them, Wieldy is an efficient to-do list manager carrying whole lot of options & features, which will let you maintain all the to-do’s tasks & personal contacts in an effective way. It is based on GTD (Getting Things Done) principles, allowing you to create & schedule tasks and manage them in a calendar overview.

It supports full-fledged contact management, where you can maintain a long list of personnel contacts and allocate different tasks. Interface is quite simple & neat in terms of usage. The main navigation bar holds all the features it offers. To-dos are created as Thoughts, which can then be assigned to different action; Today, Next, Someday, etc. To create one, under Items tab, click Create Thought. You can also tag a Thought to easily find tasks in the future.


Allocating tasks to different Thoughts is easy. Under Configure group, from Assign options, you can assign the task to; Different days, Contacts or to Projects.  You can also instantly set Priority, tag it and once task is finished, you can manually send it to Done category.


From Contacts window, you have all the options for creating & managing contacts. It holds multitude of fields which lets you enter each & every detail of the contact. You can insert image, enter multiple phone numbers, fax number, address, and add reference.

Wieldy contact

Being an efficient to-do list manger, it lets you secure data from any unauthorized use by providing password protection. You can enable protection and configure other settings, from Settings window.

wieldy password

As it supports list of options and features for managing to-do list and task allocation, you can easily maintain your schedules, tasks, contacts, etc. If you’ve been looking for one to-do manager which comes with password protection & data encryption, give this application a shot.

It runs on all Windows based OS including the latest Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download Wieldy

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