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Win Toolbox Is A Unified Dashboard For Several Handy, Frequently Used Utilities

Win Toolbox is a multi-purpose Windows utility that acts as a Swiss Army Knife for launching and controlling system utilities as well as user-installed applications from a single place. It contains an umpteen number of features that might leave you fairly impressed. Although the program looks very simple from the UI, it provides useful tools like a screen capturer, color picker, fonts explorer, system shutdown timer and more. It’s fairly feature-rich with a truckload of settings and options, so lets take a closer look at the most salient ones after the jump.

Win Toolbox’s interface looks quite simple, but simplicity is what make this application easily understandable for novices and power users alike. The application window comprises of Programs, Shell, Folders, Capture, Picker, Fonts, Shutdown and About tabs. ‘Programs’ provides access to user-defined shortcuts that can be added here via drag and drop. You can also click ‘Start’ at the bottom-left corner to access the Programs menu, which is basically the same as the ‘Program’s menu found in the Start Menu of Windows 7 and preceding OSes. The ‘Win’ button, on the other hand, opens up Start Menu or Start Screen, depending on which OS you’re running.

Win Toolbox

The ‘Shell’ section is more like a file explorer that allows you to easily access drives and folders. This feature eliminates the need for opening Windows’ own File Explorer to browse your files.

Win Toolbox_Shell

If you need to frequently access common folders and locations like Startup, Windows, Temp, Documents, Recycle Bin etc., you can make use of the ‘Folder’ tab for the purpose.

The application also offers a screen capture tool that is a great alternative to the built-in Snipping Tool. Although it isn’t as feature-packed as third-party solutions like Greenshot or Shotty, it does let you capture screenshots in an intuitive way. You can take a screenshot in full screen, selected region or window mode, and choose to copy it straight to the clipboard. The application also comes packed with a Fonts Explorer, which lets you browse all the installed fonts on your system. Then there’s the shutdown option that can automate processes like system restart, log off, power off, sleep and hibernate. The Picker tab can prove to be useful for easily picking a color from any area of the screen.

Win Toolbox_Capture

The menu bar further extends the overall functionality of Win Toolbox. For instance, the Dialogs menu gives you access to various system utilities such as Control Panel, Display Properties, Run, System Properties, Task Manger, Time & Date et al. Even though many tools similar to Win Toolbox usually come with comprehensive system cleaners, this one doesn’t. Though you can still clear a few things here and there like temp files, jump list, clipboard, internet history etc. from the Clear menu.

Win Toolbox_Dialogs

Lastly, if you frequently need to open several Windows accessories like Calculator, Character Map, Command Prompt, Notepad, Wordpad, Magnifier etc., Win Toolbox provides shortcut for all these items under the Tools menu.

Win Toolbox_Tools

To sum up our review, we’d say that Win Toolbox is quite a feature-rich app with loads of handy options and tools bundled together for easy and quick access. It supports all Windows operating systems including XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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