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Change Color Set & Get Cycling Wallpapers On Windows 8 Lock Screen

Along with all the other major changes in Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced an all new Lock Screen in its latest OS, and unlike the Start Screen, a lot of good things have been said about it. Besides displaying app notifications, the new lock screen also shows time and date, and lets you apply a wallpaper of your choice. However, it still feels quite primitive when it comes to customization, as it only allows users to change the background at most; you can neither change the time format, nor the display language. Lock Screen Customizer by WinAero is a new Windows 8 application that has come forth to provide a handy solution. It doesn’t boast an enormous amount of features, but the ones that it does offer can be pretty useful. Lets dig a bit deeper.

On the face of it, it’s a pretty simple-looking app with straightforward user interface. The main features of Lock Screen Customizer are its ability to let you change the lock screen time format, choose between a truckload of languages, customize its color set, change the background image, set a custom folder containing multiple images so a new background shows up each time the lock screen flips in, or disable the lock screen altogether. You can download the application via the link provided at the end of the post. It’s a portable app, and therefore requires no installation. The downloaded ZIP file contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the program. To get started, launch the app and select your background image.

Lockl Screen Customizer

The app applies changes in real time and displays a preview of your changes within a Windows tablet picture. By default, Windows 8 changes the color set of lock screen according to the Start Screen pattern, but Lock Screen Customizer allows you to change it according to your own choice. Clicking the ‘Logo Behavior’ button at the bottom pops up a minuscule window that allows you to disable the lock screen altogether, and toggle verbose logon messages. To apply your changes, you click the button at the bottom-right.

Lock Screen Customizer can also make your lock screen automatically cycle through different images as its background. To enable this feature, click ‘Lock Screen Slideshow’. You can then specify the folder(s) containing the images for the background slideshow. Simply select ‘Enable this feature’ and then add any folders you want.

Lock Screen Customizer Slide

Although it’s rather short on features, Lock Screen Customizer is still a great tool from WinAero to let you personalize Windows beyond the options offered by default. Needless to say, it works only on Windows 8.

Download Lock Screen Customizer


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