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Windisk: Automatically Clean Junk Files When You Log Off

Windisk is an advanced system cleaning application to help you improve PC responsiveness by removing junk files from your system. It cleans up all temporary files, browser data (from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari), list of recently viewed items, and invalid registry keys. Windisk is not different from CCleaner except for the fact that it works in a more automated manner and delivers cleaning results only in the form of a log file. Perhaps the best feature of Windisk is its ability to remove your browsing traces and system clutter when you log off, thus effectively erasing all traces left behind.

Once launched, click Clean to open a drop down menu and choose to clean data only from the current user,  all users and from the entire system. Only Administrators can clean all users and system.


When you select any of the aforementioned cleaning options, the system is cleansed from junk files automatically. There is no progress bar to indicate the cleaning procedure but you can view the name of the directory being cleaned from the bottom of the interface. Click Stop to stop the cleaning process anytime.


To view the result of the cleaning process, click Logs (from main interface). This will display a detailed result of the current and previous cleaning tasks. You can also use the search box to locate logs from previous dates.


From Options, under Management tab, you can enable cleaning up of junk files for all users and the Windows search database. If you wish to manage log settings then head over to the Local Preferences tab and move the slider (up or down) to set the level of detail that is to be saved in logs and the number of days logs should be kept. You can add custom files, folders and registry keys for removal from the System Clean tab. For example, you can add a folder which may contain log files for and applications which may not be detected by Windisk by default. The Default tab can be used to add or remove default cleaning directories. For example, you can disable cleaning of junk files from Windows Search, RecycleBin, browsers, plugin modules and the like. You can also go to Advanced option within this tab to enable cleanup of junk files whenever you log off. This option is disabled by default.


Windisk has a free and paid versions (secure, corporate and corporate secure versions) with a per unit starting price of $50 (approximately). The paid versions provides additional options such as scheduling junk file removal, controlled removal of junk files from a network location and multiple user account support.  Windisk works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Download Windisk


  1. Windisk Website has updated with a section titled ‘What’s Different’ that explains why it is different from other cleaning software. It has full-integration with Windows Security so that Users can be assigned rights and customized cleaning configurations. It is designed mainly for corporate and schools network use but offers the free Home Version as well.

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