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Windowpicker – Fullscreen Windows Alt+Tab Replacement For Quick Access

What would be the best way to switch between 20 or more open windows? Windowpicker is small system tray program for gaining quicker access to all opened applications and windows. Windowpicker is replacement of Windows Alt + Tab function which puts small application pane on screen to let users pick required window. It runs in fullscreen mode, allowing you to switch between all the opened windows with their respective titles. When Alt+tab is pressed, you will have all the opened windows in front of you. You can open any window or release the hotkey combination to bring underlying windows back.

After installing the application, you can access its preferences from system tray menu to associate hotkey combinations, enable / disable Alt + Tab replacement, and set other application picker related options.

windowspicker options

By default, it launches application on single click. Nevertheless, you can change it to open application windows with double-click and select position where Windowpicker hot corner is to be displayed from Mouse window.

mouse windowspicker

When you click its system tray icon, move mouse cursor at defined position (hot corner) on screen,  or use Alt + Tab hotkey combination, you will see all of your opened application windows lined up on white screen. It shows thumbnail preview of all the currently active applications and caption with each minimized application.

windowpicker 3

Watch the video below to better understand the usage.

Windowspicker was originally written for Windows XP, but it also works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 without any problems.

Download Windowspicker

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