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Windows 7 Based Windows Embedded System(Quebec) Due in 2010

windows_7 Today Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 7 based Windows Embedded Standard 2011 codename “Quebec”. This version has been launched for Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM) so that they can build and test their products on top of Windows 7. It is available to the developers of the OEM through public availability at http://connect.microsoft.com/windowsembedded.

With Windows Embedded Standard 2011 OEM’s will get Windows 7 high end technologies beforehand. This will enable them to design high performing specialised devices on top of Windows 7 platform.

“To meet the demand for improved user experiences and connectivity among today’s rapidly growing categories of specialized devices, Microsoft has strategically planned the release of Windows 7-based technologies to OEMs in the embedded marketplace,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft. “The availability of the Windows Embedded Standard 2011 CTP empowers our worldwide ecosystem of OEMs, partners and developers to take advantage of the next-generation platform’s enhanced Windows 7-based features and provide feedback prior to its general release to manufacturing. We encourage the embedded community to take full advantage of the CTP’s availability and join in our excitement as we look ahead to the future availability of Windows Embedded platforms incorporating Windows 7 technologies.”

Windows Embedded Standard 2011 delivers the latest Windows 7 technologies to OEMs, enabling them to bring high-performing specialised devices to market faster, to differentiate those devices through innovative user experiences, and to delight their customers with devices that extend the Windows user experience to specialised devices from Windows-based PCs, servers and online services.

Quebec features include Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, support for SuperFetch, ReadyBoost,BitLocker drive encryption, Dynamic System Address Spaces and many more. But certain devices will also get Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 7 and Aero user-interface. In addition it will support not only 32-bit x86 but 64-bit x64 processors as well.
But all these features will come at a cost and size. According to sources Quebec’s core is expected to be around 300MB while its predecessor Windows XP Embedded core’s image size is around 40MB. But at the same time OEMs will get the latest and high end technologies that will enable them to built more reliable and useful applications.

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