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Windows Remote Network Monitoring And Troubleshooting

Remote Network Watcher is a highly sophisticated free software that actively monitors a network for integrity and generates alerts based on user-defined rules. It monitors all the servers, computers, routers and other devices attached to a network and should any of them fail to perform, the software will alert the network administrator to the issue.

This tool will also implement a series of automated repair processes in event of failures, and attempts to restore network performance by fixing commonly occurring irregularities and errors.

The software provides an easy-to-understand, elaborate and concise map view of the entire network that the user can modify up to their own will. It supports limitless device addition and management, and lets the user monitor all the processes running on a network PC through comprehensive rule-based systems.

Remote Network Watcher

Main features of the program include:

  • Make your network performance precise and clear.
  • Become quickly aware of any irregularities or errors on your network.
  • Experience the great advantage of using an intuitive network map.
  • Keep your LAN at your fingertips.

The program also supports tree view, where individual monitors can be set and observed with simple-to-grasp color coding. Erroneous processes are indicated with red, healthy ones are green and those with some bits of irregularity are in blackish-gray. There is also an option available to view only those monitors that belong to a particular category. The software supports management of multiple domains and workgroups.

Remote Network Watcher2

This tool offers a wide range of customization options, and should work on all versions of Microsoft Windows above 2000. It uses approximately 15 MB of available system memory. The software has no particular dependencies.

Download Remote Network Watcher

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