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Action(s) – Windows Tasks Automation Software

When it comes to automation tools, the answers are neither really simple nor easy. First, these kind of software require a certain degree of programming familiarity that is non-existent for average users. Second, their usage mechanism is really complex, and hardly ever understandable for a common person. The automation options may also be limited, unless you’re using a tool that it programmable (but here again, you have be a programming expert to take full advantage of the tool).

Action(s) is a free software that combines diverse functionality with easy to understand-and-use interface, allowing you to automate your tasks without any complex scripting or anything similar.

The program works on the principle of workflows, and lets you create the flows that can assist you in accomplishing manual tasks efficiently and effectively. So how does it differ from other tools? Instead of relying on script/code input from the user, the software uses drag-and-drop items that contain preconfigured most commonly performed actions.

The left-most pane contains action categories, while the next one contains the actions within that particular category. The largest space contains your workflow, executed in the order of top to bottom. An example of the actions available can be seen in the screenshot below.


As you may notice, you can create workflows and save them for future use. There is no limit to the number of workflows that you can create and save.

Salient features of Action(s) include:

  • Browse or search a library of dozens of actions to find exactly what you need.
  • Drag and drop actions from the library to create workflows.
  • Documentation included with each action.
  • Dozen pre-installed actions control files, images, music, Internet and much more.
  • Easily manipulate files and folders.
  • Crop, scale, convert, and adjust images.
  • Easily add third-party actions.

Action(s) is Java-based, and hence can run on any operating system. The program is still in beta and was tested on Windows 7 x86 system.

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