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WinHide.SB: Hide Unwanted Program Windows

Imagine you are working on your system with so many program windows open at the same time, and for one moment you need to use another program. Now what will happen is your whole desktop will be cluttered with program windows. Not only will it take extra time to load, your desktop will also look like a mess!

WinHide.SB is a program that quickly hides your working programs and windows. You don’t have to close your running applications or programs, just hide them. Once you have hid the programs, they wont show up in the Taskbar.

Windows visible

WinHide.SB protects your privacy and prevent your information from being exposed to anyone else. It allows you to work in a stealth mode so you don’t have to worry about intruders. Ofcourse most users are familiar with Win+D hotkey in Windows 7 but this tool is for multi-taskers who want more functionality.

Windows visible1

You can hide and restore programs using keyboard shortcuts as well which you can manually setup using hotkeys. You can also specify masks for a set of windows using a distinctive icon.

Windows visible2

Windows visible3

The main program features are it capability to conceal the windows of visible programs, including the ones in Taskbar. Though it merely hides the active program windows, it somehow saves your computer resources as well. It lets you manage the show/ hiding of program from the system tray which you can also use to shut it down.

Download WinHide.SB

For more, you may also check out ZHider, a similar tool we covered before.

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