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WinLockr Locks Your Windows PC With A USB Device

WinLockr is a portable application which provides extra security for your locked account by disabling the mouse and keyboard, except for the release key combination. With WinLockr you can lock your system simply by plugging in a USB, which has to be configured with this software. This provides additional safety for your locked system and adds an extra layer of security which bars others from accessing your system in your absence. Interestingly, even if a person was to know your password, he/she cannot access your computer if WinLockr is enabled, as it requires a unique key combination to access the system, which only you would have. To get started, launch WinLockr and enter a password.

Enter password

After that, plug in a USB device and choose Install on USB. This will configure the device to act as a locking mechanism for your PC. When the USB is plugged, the mouse and keyboard will be disabled and the screen will be locked, except for the exact password combination which will unlock your system. WinLockr also supports shutdown prevention and therefore, prevents shutdown, restart, or log off actions when WinLockr is enabled. This is a somewhat similar attribute to the formerly reviewed Coffee software.

USB Unlock

WinLockr works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download WinLockr


  1. @Umair, I noticed the same thing on the article.
    The Developer’s website actually says otherwise “USB-Unlock: Unlock Windows by simply inserting your USB flash drive to your computer.”
    So when you unplug the USB noone can log in, when you plug the USB back, the system is unlocked which makes more sense.
    Otherwise, anyone can simple unplug the USB and if they know the login password, viola! they are in…
    @at, Farshad, perhaps you can review the article and clarify it.

  2. I think their is a mistake in the article. When the USB is plugged, HOW the pc will be locked. Infact you can lock your pc through software only and you can use the USB to unlock the PC. Their is no way you can use USB to LOCK the PC. It can be used to only UNLOCK the PC. Please verify…

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