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WinMate Is All-in-One PC Performance Optimizer And Tweaker

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WinMate is a Windows optimization utility which is developed by T55.net to enhance and speed up overall PC performance by tweaking with various Windows native functions. Since the application developer has attempted to address all known PC-related problems and issues in this product, it comes with a wide range of system-specific repairs which you can select either manually or let it choose the best repairing package to boost yours PC performance. As per its main functionality, it caters to those users who experience slow processing speed with many other problems which eventually take down the CPU and memory performance. Apart from handling CPU and physical memory exorbitant usage, it lets user diagnose known performance-specific problems, trace and clean junk off the system with an option to find out duplicate files, run registry optimization, etc.

Features list doesn’t end here, it carries a set of tools to optimize your system, optimization can be done by tweaking with OS-related options, physical memory settings, startup items and services, scheduled tasks, and so on.

Adding more, IE users will find it useful in terms of managing installed plug-ins, repairing IE generic problems, and in organizing URL block list. Moreover, it contains an effective Windows Update feature to find and fix general vulnerabilities and to repair numerous OS functions, with Program Manager & Backup tool to uninstall program and update/backup installed device drivers.

After the installation, it will start scanning your system to find out multitude of discrepancies ranging from system-specific problems to known IE issues. After the scan, it will prompt you to apply repairs to optimize the overall performance of the system. Description with each problem that it found during the scan can be seen by clicking Details buttons.


On left sidebar, all the optimization related options are categorized into respective groups. The IE Tools window comprises of URL Blocker, Plugin Manager, IE Repair and LSP Repair. In System Optimize, you have a list of Optimization items which require either update or further optimization, just select the item and click Optimize to boost the specified function behavior, however, you can alternatively select all the items and Optimize them in one go.


Let’s glance at all other tools and features it has to offer.

memory tweak 2

(Memory Tweaker to compress system memory and to run process faster)

Windows Update

(OS Function Repair to fix command prompt, context menu, and group policy)

Disk Immunity _

(PC Management tools package contains Process Manager, Disk Immune system, File Wipe feature, and Network Shared Manager)

Although, WinMate is an all-in-one optimization tool, we feel that it needs more improvements in terms of user interface, optimizing CPU usage, and device driver backup. Since it capitalizes more on boosting PC speed, developer should consider incorporating more features to enhance and optimize memory usage to justify the claims. It works on Windows XP/Vista/7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

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