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WinMend File Copy – Copy Files Faster Than Windows Default Copy Engine

WinMend File Copy is a file copying application having a unique duplication engine which works 300% faster than the Windows default copy engine. File copying can be performed in three different modes which can be selected to directly overwrite, match and overwrite, or skip files with the same name. It also provides a list of files which may fail to copy during the copying process and allows you to r-copy them again. This functionality is useful as it can help you identify and rectify file copying errors. Another good feature of WinMend File Copy is that the copying process can be paused anytime and resumed at your convenience without damaging the files in queue. Apart from being fast and reliable, WinMend File Copy also comes with an attractive skinable interface which can be switched in a single click.

To begin, select files and folders to copy followed by an overwriting mechanism and a destination folder. The overwriting mechanism allows you to directly overwrite files with the same name in the destination folder, to match files before overwriting them and to skip files with similar names. This ensures that you do not receive annoying prompts. A buffer rate up to 32 MB can also be set to suit your file copying needs. Once you have selected files and folders to copy, along with your preferred settings, click Copy to start the file copying process.

WinMend File Copy

Your files will be copied to the selected folder 300 times quicker than usual while pause option will be available to Pause the copying process temporarily. This can be useful when you are willing to perform other tasks which may need your system resources or to avoid excessive CPU /memory usage while other resource intensive applications are active. In case there are files that fail during the copying process, they will appear in a list with error details. This means you can identify the file errors and recopy them later on.


WinMend File Copy comes with a number of skins which can be switched by clicking on a color box located on the top right corner of the interface.


It must be noted that neither WinMEnd File Copy is as feature rich as TeraCopy, nor it isn’t meant to be a complete replacement for the Windows default file copying engine. Instead, it is useful for copying heavy files faster. You may also find the following file copying utilities to be useful; SuperCopier, UltraCopier and NiceCopier. WinMEnd File Copy works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download WinMEnd File Copy


  1. it`s ravish software…i don’t recommend to anyone …most of the time it crash and create fragments file where it`s transferred files…result it crash hard disk who use it that kind of ravish called software

  2. ya use supercopier too. one of the few apps i use that aren’t even in dev anymore. oh well, still works great despite crappy UI 😉

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