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WinPicker: Visually Navigate Between Open Windows & Applications

Most people use Alt + Tab for navigating between open windows or there’s also a Win + Tab AeroPeek, introduced in Windows 7; however, it can get a bit confusing if there are a lot of applications open on your desktop. If you have a big screen then it all makes sense to have multiple windows being displayed at the same time, but not everyone has the luxury of huge screen real estate and some people still have those small CRTs. Managing all the open applications and being able to navigate through them is very important for efficiently using your time. Microsoft has also changed the way we switch between currently running applications by replacing the Alt + Tab hotkey menu with Switch List in Windows 8. Previously, we have reviewed some very useful desktop management tools, such as Plumb, an application that arranges the desktop windows automatically as you open them based on a user-specified criteria. It was actually more of an evolved version of AeroSnap, which I found quite handy. Today, I have a another simpler application for Windows called WinPicker that lets you quickly navigate between open windows and applications. Keep reading to find out more about WinPicker.

It is a rather small application and does not provide you with a lot of options. There’s not much to talk about interface too, as there’s hardly any. When working, that can be a good feature because you just want to get done with everything instead of wasting your time configuring applications which are supposed to help you in saving time. After installation, just press Ctrl + Win to activate the navigation window. The navigation window consists of an overview of all the currently opened windows on your system. WinPicker displays the preview of open windows with relative dimensions. For instance, if you have two windows open with different interface sizes, the preview will have the same size difference in the navigation window. Also, minimized applications appear as minimized. Click any window preview to bring it to the front.


WinPicker perfectly works as it should and is quite handy for navigating between multiple windows instantaneously. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download WinPicker


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