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WinSchedular: Automate Routine Windows Tasks By Recording Macros

Macros provide an easy way to quickly perform routine tasks without having to manually follow the required steps involved. It’s basically a set of actions, steps or tasks to perform a particular operation, such as opening a form, printing a report, applying effects & formatting etc. WinScheduler is an application for Windows that enables you to automate repetitive tasks by letting you create macros. The macros can be initiated at a specific time or when a specific event occurs. The application contains both a macro recorder and a macro editor to let you easily record keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and edit recorded commands, respectively.

The application is easy to use. It offers 3-paned interface; the left pane allows you to add different groups to manage the macros. The list of macros included in the selected group is displayed in the main window, while the selected Macro Properties can be viewed and edited from bottom pane.

WinScheduler v7.5.2 Free - DemoFile.4ws

The Macro Editor in the lower right pane contains 3 tabs, namely Macro Properties, macro Triggers and Macro Text. The Macro Properties tab lets you change the Macro Name and add a description for the macro. Click More to change the Macro Playback Speed and the number of times the selected macro should be repeated.

WinScheduler v7.5.2 Free - DemoFile

You can select the type of trigger for the selected macro from the Macro Triggers tab. The application lets you select Time Schedule, Window, File, Folder, Drive, Display Pixel, Idle, Windows Shutdown and None as the Trigger type.

WinScheduler v7.5.2 Free - DemoFile.png 2

In Macro Text, you can edit the macro script, run macro preview, and add predefined macro commands via cmd tools available on toolbar. Moreover, it provides some basic script editing tools to help you quickly write the macro. Using the debugger (available alongside play button), you can quickly check macro script for errors.

The Insert menu at the top lets you add types of macros using different methods, including adding a macro using Macro Wizard, manual Add Macro method, Add Clipboard Macro, Record Macro and Add Group (to manage macros).

WinScheduler v7.5.2 Free - DemoFile.png Type

The Settings window (accessible from Tools –> Options) lets you assign hotkeys for different actions including start/stop macro recording, show/hide main window, enable/disable scheduled triggers etc., and change default application behavior.


Apart from the free version, it also offers Standard and Profession versions, which cost $29.95 and $79.95 respectively. You can check out detailed feature comparison between Free, Standard and Professional versions on product page. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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