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WIPE Lets You Permanently Delete Internet Tracking Data From Your PC To Protect Your Privacy

Unfortunately, not many computer users realize the importance of periodic system maintenance until its performance goes down. One can easily prevent this from occurring by frequently removing junk data off their system, such as cached items from previous program installations, tracking cookies, temporary files and so on. Not only does it revert your system to its pristine condition but also ensures greater security and privacy, as a lot of temporary files contain personal information from sites that track your activities. New to the genre of system maintenance tools, WIPE is a simple application that keeps your system clean and privacy intact by allowing you to permanently erase (read: shred) index.dat, caches, temporary internet files, browser history, cookies and auto-complete form items so that they cannot be recovered using a data recovery program.

The quintessential feature of WIPE is to completely erase tracks and other garbage that makes its way to you computer via the internet. While, of course, you will have to be extra careful when removing files using this app  – as some of them may be necessary for an optimal internet experience – WIPE does provide an option called ‘Advanced Cleaning mode’ that allows you to select which files you want to delete.

The interface of the app is fairly simple. Upon first launch, WIPE sifts through your system in order to detect tracks that are deemed useless or are safe for removal. Once done, it offers two ways to perform the cleaning process. The ‘Delete tracks and garbage’ option is aimed at novice users who’d rather not tinker with settings and want to commence the cleanup process right away.


The second option is ‘Advanced cleaning’. This mode is much more flexible and lets you choose the files that you want to remove from a separate screen. Once you have marked your desired items, click ‘Delete’ to begin the process.


The free version of WIPE uses standard deletion to remove files permanently, making them unrecoverable. The PRO variant of the application lets you select additional wipe methods, including One pass anti-recovery, DOD 5220.22, Gutmann and Russian GOST. The PRO version will set you back $9.99 for a single PC license.


WIPE could prove to be particularly useful for users who tend to share their PCs with others on a regular basis, or plan to sell off their PC or HDD to a friend without completely formatting or wiping it. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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