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Wise Data Recovery Restores Deleted Files, Indicates Level Of Recoverability

Sometimes, we accidentally delete important files, only to realize later on that we may have made one of the biggest mistakes of our life. However, did you know that whenever we delete any file (even from recycle bin), it’s still recoverable? There are a lot of third-party solutions to get important data back from the dead. Wise Data Recovery is one such solution. The application provides an easy way for recovering most file types, including images, documents, audio and video files, emails or compressed files. It lets you scan your drives for any recoverable data, indicating the level of recoverability (Good, Poor, Very Poor or Lost).

Not only does the application have a gorgeous interface, but is efficient as well. The navigation controls are carefully designed, and the process to recover files is quite simple. To analyze recoverable files, select your drive from the drop down menu on the left, and click Scan. The application begins scanning the drive for any recoverable data.


Once the program is done with the scanning process, it displays all the analyzed directories to the left side of the window, along with recoverable files on its database. The database enlists all the files, including a little bit of related information, such as File Name, File Size, Last Modified (date), Recoverability and Path. You may select any folder from the directories, and the utility will only show the files deleted from that particular folder. Likewise, you can input certain keywords for the file(s) that you’re looking to recover.

The recovery of the files is dependent on their storage status; for instance, you cannot recover files labeled as Lost. Even if you do, it may not work, such as a video file that has lost codec information during post-deletion overwrite. The program can recover files in batch operation, thus saving time. You just need to mark the files that you want to bring back, then click Recover, followed by the selection of an output directory. The selected output folder containing the recovered files will automatically open upon completion of the recovery process.

Wise Data Recovery

There aren’t any specific settings within this app, other than a small Menu button at the top right. The most it has to offer is letting you use online help or checking for updates, or choose a different application language.


Wise Data Recovery is an excellent data recovery solution, and it will definitely help recover your files if you know where you’re looking. The utility works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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