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Wondershare Disk Manager: Easily Create, Resize, Delete & Recover Disk Partitions

Wondershare Disk Manager Free is Windows partition management utility to easily resize, delete, copy and recover disk partitions. It provides a simple wizard to perform even the most complex disk management tasks, which helps end user manage partition related tasks in a few clicks. For example, if novice users were to shrink and re-allocate disk space, they’d probably end up changing or deleting primary partitions due to lack of knowledge. However with Wondershare, such tasks can be performed with the help of simple disk management wizards.

Wondershare Disk Manager works in two modes; Expert Mode and Wizard Mode. The Expert mode requires you to perform disk management operations manually, whereas the Wizard Mode provides simple wizards to create, resize, delete, and format the partitions.

Expert Mode

The Wizard Mode lists all the tasks that can be performed by application. Click the required wizard type to start the wizard.

Wondershare Disk Manager Free

To resize a partition, click Resize Partition Wizard. Select the partition you want to resize (e.g. C drive) and partition size followed by reallocation size (e.g. 240 GB from a total of 270GB) in Partition Size After section and click Next to continue.

Resize Partition Wizard

You will be asked to reboot the computer. Click Restart to make the changes to your system. Once the system reboots, the respective changes will be applied before you login.

Changes Applied

It must be noted that Wondershare Disk Manager is a free tool but requires signing-up for registration with an email address. If you would like to use the conventional method for performing the above mentioned disk management tasks, check out our guide here. Wondershare Disk Manager Free works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Wondershare Disk Manager Free

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