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Word 2010 Document Translation

MS Word 2010 offers the following three ways of document translation:

  • Translate Document online
  • Translate the selected text
  • Mini Translator

Update: A detailed guide on Word 2010 Translate feature can be found here.

Hit the Review option on the main menu and you will find the Language section, here you will see the Translate option. Click the Translate option, and it will show these three ways to translate your document.

Translation Option

Document Translation Via Web Browser

The very first option translates your whole documents in the web browser using an online Microsoft translation service. Simply click the option and choose the language, and you will find your document translated in your browser.

Translate Document

Word Translation

Translate the Selected Text

It is the most commonly used option. Select the chunk of text, hit the translate selected option, then choose the language in which you want your text to be translated, in the right side bar and that’s it.

Translate Selected=

Mini Translator

With the Microsoft Office 2010 Mini Translator, you can point to a word or selected phrase with your mouse, and the translation will be displayed in a small window. The Mini Translator also includes a Play button so you can hear an audio pronunciation of the word or phrase using a text-to-speech engine.

Word 2010 Mini Translator

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  • Walt Gray

    Translate does not work in the new Office Pro that I have just purchased. Cannot bring up different languages. Mini translator useless.. I have 2010