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What Is Action Center In Windows 7 And How To Use It

If you have used Microsoft’s Windows Vista, then you will be definitely familiar with Security Center where you can find useful security information, this feature has been enhanced in Windows 7 and named as Action Center. It is one place to provide you useful information regarding system maintenance, security and troubleshooting. It provides you different types of notifications, reports you about any issues in your system, and lets you troubleshoot any problem. It is being considered as one of the perks of upcoming Windows 7.  Lets explore more about it.

Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security. You will find Action Center listed on the top.


Now, lets explore some of its options.  In Windows 7 different types of notifications are shown which are no doubt very informative but are also sometimes quite annoying, you can disable some particular types of notification by Clicking Change Action Settings. Here is list of notifications which are enabled by default, you can disable any type of notification by unchecking it. Following screenshot will help you understand it better.


In Security option, you will be presented will all types of available security components like network firewall, virus protection, spyware and software protection, internet security settings, windows defender, etc of your system and you can also troubleshoot any security related problem from here.


Under Maintenance option, you will find very useful information like system backup and windows update among many others.


Now, Troubleshoot option let you identify and resolve the issues with your system. You can troubleshoot issues regarding Programs, Hardware and Sound, Network and Internet, Appearance and Personalization, and System and Security etc.


In short, Action Center is a critical part of Windows 7 that gives a user complete control over his operating system. Enjoy!

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