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WPClipart – Download 23,000+ Free Clip Art Images And Photos

Since the default clipart images that comes with Microsoft Word are not sufficient, there are thousands of free images available that you can use as clipart in your document. But searching for clipart images can be a real pain, since it requires a lot of time and effort.

I recently came across an excellent tool while searching for clipart images for my sister. WPClipart is a free graphic utility that contains more than 23,000 quality public domain clipart images and photos that you can use in Word processors. It comes with a build-in image viewer and editor.

Run the program, select the type of image you need and click Copy To Clipboard button, then paste it in any application of your choice.

wpclipper image viewer

If you want to edit an image, go to Rotate, Filter, Adjust, or Image menu, depending on what you want to edit. It’s that easy to use. This tool is a gem, thanks to the developer who collected all images and put them in one place for us. Enjoy!

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