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WriteMonkey – Distraction Free Writing

Want to write an article without getting distracted? We have covered two distraction-free writers before, Momentum Writer and WriteSpace(add-on for Word). Today I came across another interesting writer called WriteMonkey.

In short it provides a minimalist writing environment out there. It is standalone, fast, and feature-rich without looking clunky. Just run the app(it will open up in full-screen mode) and start writing. All options can be found in a simple right-click.


According to reader Matthew Gaier, who shared this tool with me today,

One of the best features is the progress bar – you can set a quota of words, paragraphs, pages, etc or even an amount of time that you need to fulfill in a given writing session.

This feature cannot be found in any of our previously reviewed distraction-free writers. Once you are done writing, simply hit Esc key, go to File, and hit Save to save it in a simple text file. You can also select Markup Export and then save it in Word format.

Write Monkey Export

Switching between paragraphs is very easy and allows faster writing and proofreading, thus saving time.

Download WriteMonkey

It works on Windows 2000 and later, including the latest Windows 7. Enjoy!

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