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Wuala Now Offers Features Of Pro Version For Free [Review]

Dropbox is currently the most famous cloud based data sync service, but if you’re thinking of using more secure cloud based data storage service that provides Dropbox like data sync convenience, have a look at Wuala. For those who never heard of Wuala before, it is a famous cloud based service developed by LaCie for synchronizing data across configured PCs with 1 GB free storage.  If you’ve been using Wuala, you will be glad to hear that all Pro features are now available to free users, which includes, automatic backup, file versioning and time travel, and data synchronization.

Unlike Dropbox, it offers only desktop app to access, share, and save data to its servers. The reason why it doesn’t allow web access is that data can become vulnerable over web because of HTTP security related issues, which eventually gives external sources a chance to pounce on users confidential files. The desktop app deploys an encryption mechanism which first encrypts transferred data and then allows Wuala uploader to save it on online servers.

To begin, you need to first create a new Wuala account. Once logged in, you will see default Document, Music, Photos, and Videos folders on the main interface, however, you can create as many folders on dashboard or create sub-folders within default folders to categorize different type of files according to your own requirements.

music 2

From File menu, you can add local files and folders to Wuala cloud. Just specify the source path and it will start uploading them to cloud. The status bar shows current items which are being uploaded along used space and uploading rate.

From New pull-down menu, you can quickly create a new folder, sync and backup job, and public and private group to share data with others. The sync and backup jobs require specifying the target folders which are to be synced and create data backup to, respectively. You can schedule both jobs at required time intervals.

wuala groups

From Tools menu, you can view data Download and Upload status and check how much data has been synced and backed up to target locations. Here, you can also bring up group search window to find public groups.

wuala options 1

The Options window refers to tweaking with default bandwidth rates and connection settings, switching accounts, updating user profile, setting desktop notifications, etc.

connection options

Find out more about Wuala in following video.

Users looking for more storage space can check out rates for Personal and Business paid accounts here. However, currently, you can get 2 GB free space by entering “COMPUTER HOY” 3 GB free space by entering PCWELT06 in promotional license code box.

Download Wuala

It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS platforms. Versions for both Android and iPhone are also available.

[via Caschys]


  1. Wuala costs from a high (at 10GB) of $2.70 per GB to (at 250GB) $1.30 per GB; with the cost of 25GB being $2.24 per GB. All of these prices are “per year,” so, for example, 25GB costs $4.67 per month.

    Microsoft Windows Live offers 25GB completely for free, 5GB of which may be synchronized between any number of machines automatically, without doing anything other than turning them on, and which 5GB is always available via a web interface even when one’s not on any of the synchronized machines. And remote control is included. Plus online versions of the primary Microsoft Office components. Plus a LOOONNNGGG list of other features. All for free.

    Do the math.

    • Do the math on WINDOWS LIVE? Sure 1. Microsoft product 2. US based servers 3. The Patriot Act.

    • The Patriot Act – the single reason why no non-US (or possibly US too) company should ever use a US-based Cloud storage provider. 

      It makes a mockery of company privacy and competition.

  2. A little note: PCWELT06 expires in 365 days after using it. Just for you guys to know. You can also use PC-MAGAZIN and SKYFISH-IS-COOL as codes. But they all expire… so it’s little risky when you cannot access the files after a year 😉

  3. Wuala was always interesting to me… but the only thing that kept me using it: JAVA. I always hated it.. made every system so slow.

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