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Xleaner – Clean Unnecessary File Directories That Other Cleaners Can’t Clean

Gradually as the Windows suffers from system crashes or power loss and software installations, it’s performance is deteriorated due to temporary files left in the air. It’s recommended to wipe these temp files to make it look spick and span again. CCleaner is cited by many as the most useful software for getting rid of unnecessary files from temporary file directories. However, many apps like CCleaner are not as effective as many layman think. In fact it leaves behind clutter from many directories (e.g. the log files and Temp from the Windows directory, Prefetch files and even the Temp in user profiles). Xleaner is a similar yet more dynamic application (also available in portable form) that cleans unnecessary files in a more comprehensive way from numerous Windows directories. It not only cleans junk files, but also provides privacy trace erasing options. Xleaner allows users to choose specific applications, browsers and directories to erase files from.

From the main interface, users can select applications to clean unnecessary files from Applications tab, Download Add-ons from Extensions tab, and check for updates and manage what files to clear via Options or Managing Cleaning Jobs.

Main interface

By clicking on Manage Cleaning Jobs or Options (from the main interface), users can choose a comprehensive list of Windows tasks, folders, Microsoft office applications, browser files, etc to clean files from.

Manage cleaning jobs

For instance, in the browsers tab a list of browsers are presented, where you can choose exactly what kind of files to delete from the browser(s).


The General tab can be used to configure startup, update, logging and other options for Xleaner. Whereas, the Security tab provides options to select a mode for the removed files (e.g. Secure file deletion and normal file deletion). Other tabs provide configuration options for logging information, registery, etc.


Users can choose to remove junk files from installed software from the Applications tab.


To perform the cleaning operation, simply select your options from the aforementioned menus (optionally) and click Purge from the main interface.


During testing we found out that Xleaner successfully cleared files from directories such as Temp (in Windows and user profiles), Prefetch, etc. However, like most cleaners of its kind, it did not clean log files in the Windows directory. Nonetheless, the cleaning result was far better than commonly used applications that fail to remove clutter from even basic temporary file directories. The customization options of Xleaner are also quite impressive as one can choose what kind of files to remove and keep from specific applications, browsers, Windows tasks and miscellaneous directories.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Xleaner


  1. One of my main complaints on CCleaner is that it only cleans the profile that you’re logged on with, leaving the others bloated. Does this clean multiple profiles at once?

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