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xMarkup – Text Transformation Utility For Batch-Processing Of ANSI Text Files

The heading says it all, if you want to process some ANSI Text files instantly, xMarkup does the job. It is an opensource software for Unix/Linux, but on 31st January, 2009 it was released for Windows too with complete GUI. It’s main purpose is to batch-process a set of ANSI test files instantly, it was originally started as an amateur software but is now used extensively for preparing publications on different websites.

Just install the program and it will ask you if you want to install Notepad++ as an external editor, choose Yes.

Note: Notepad++ is a great replacement for Windows default notepad.

Run the program and you will see Source Files tab, here you can add the text files that you want to process.

xmarkup - select ansi text source file

Below is the screenshot of Preferences tab where you can select the language, change the font and style, etc.

change ansi file preferences

You can add some custom markup rules by going to Markup Rules tab.

markup rules for annsi text file

This utility can be used for the following tasks:

  • generate or edit the navigational cross-references within a set of html-documents;
  • analyze and convert the structure and/or content of SGML/XML/HTML documents;
  • edit text files in the batch mode;
  • split or merge text files by specified rules;
  • analyses and data extraction from text files;
  • script generation


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