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Yoono: Manage Your Social Networking & Instant Messaging Activities

In the last few years, social networking and instant messaging has become a major part of our online lives. Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn help us manage our every need related to entertainment, work, setting up meetings, sharing pictures and communication (networking, to summarize it all). They provide everyone with tons of new material to watch and share everyday. Yoono is an application for Windows that lets you view and manage all your social networks and instant messaging services from a centralized interface. It enables you to view updates from multiple services, update your status and share stuff with your friends. So, instead of switching from tab to tab for checking out the latest entries in your feeds of different social networks, you can do that from a unified interface with Yoono. Keep reading to find out more about Yoono.

Yoono supports a host of social networks and instant messaging services, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger etc, and also allows you to add multiple accounts for some services. The right pane displays the content of added accounts. The application has a Browser view and Columns view for checking your account updates; views can be toggled from tabs available at the top.


When you login to a service for the first time, you will be asked to authorize access to your account in the right pane. Click Allow Access whenever prompted, to start receiving updates.

Yoono Access

Once you have signed up for all the required services, click Finish button in the bottom left corner. You can view updates from each account separately in the left most pane, updates from all accounts merged together in the center, and options to select views for different accounts in the right pane.

Yoono Columns

Click the Updates button at the top of center pane to access settings such as Display Friends, Display IMs List, Display Notifications, Mark All Read etc.

Yoono Options

You will receive notifications of all the activity in your accounts from the application on your desktop, allowing you to stay informed without having to open the website for each service.

Yoono Notification

The Options window can be accessed from the top left corner. It lets you configure Global Settings related to general behavior of the application, such as sounds and popup notifications, and individual settings for each of the added services.

Friends - Options

Other than its Windows desktop application, Yoono is also available for Mac OS X and Linux, as well as Firefox, Chrome and iPhone. You might also want to check out our review of the Yoono Firefox add-on.

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