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Your Menu: Add Programs, Application Links, Shortcuts In Right-Click Context Menu

Your Menu customizes Windows Explorer context menu, giving users an enhanced control over the items they wish to retain (or discard) from the right-click context menu. It offers two different ways in which programs links can be added from the Windows Explorer context menu. You can add a single program or create a customized sub-menu for adding multiple types of applications’ links in right-click  context menu.

To begin with, launch the application and check Single or Cascading option to add single program link or sub-menu to the right-click menu. If you check Single option, click the Select Program field to specify executable file (Firefox, Ms Word, Ms Excel etc) that you want to add to the right-click menu. Click Generate REG file to create registry files that will implement these changes. Once done, double-click the registry file to enable the program’s link in  right-click menu. Note that another file, which is used to undo the changes you made in the registry is also created. Double-click the undo registry file to undo these changes.

your menu

You can add a sub-menu with list of your own programs by checking Cascading option. Create registry entries similar to those created for Single program links by clicking Generate REG file.

your menu 3

The specified sub-menu will appear in the right-click context menu along with the list of programs, as shown in the screenshot below.

your menu 2

The application has a simple interface. You can add several programs’ links or create sub-menus as required. It comes in handy in situations when you need to switch frequently between different applications.

The application supports Windows 7 only, testing was carried out on x86 system.

Download Your Menu

Fore more, you can check out Context Menu Editor and CMenu.

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