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YoWindow 3S Is An Amazing Weather App & Virtual Landscape For Windows & Mac

Whether you live in the dusty winds of Sahara or the sunny beaches of Miami, it’s always a good idea to stay up to date with information about the weather in your vicinity, or the world for that matter if you frequently travel around. Moreover, keeping an eye on the daily forecast isn’t like it was back in the 90s anymore; you have a myriad of weather apps at your disposal for every mobile and desktop platform for free. If you are on Windows or Mac OS X, turn to YoWindow 3S and you might enjoy looking more at your screen than outside the window. We reviewed this free app quite a while back and by now, it has been spiced up with some great new features in the latest version 3 to make it even better! Let’s find out more after the jump.

When it comes to the presentation, not much has been changed; the UI sports the same captivating real-time animations that change according to the current weather condition, which can comprise of blizzards, thunderstorms, rain, snowfall, fog, sunny days and so on. You can add multiple locations to YoWindow and switch among them on the fly.

YoWindows 3S

The most obvious addition to the application is an entirely new Landscape menu. In contrast to the Village landscape that could be seen in the original variant, you can now switch between three additional backgrounds including Seaside, Airport and Oriental. What’s more, the app also allows to add custom landscapes now, enabling you to personalize the background to however you please. According to the developers, over 2000 landscape photos have already been uploaded by users to YoWindow server.

YoWindows 3S_Landscape

You can either download the landscapes that are shared by other users, or create your own using the wizard-based landscape creator. Just launch it using the ‘Turn your photo into Landscape…’ option from the Landscape menu, follow the on-screen instructions, add your photo, and you’re done – simple as that.

YoWindows 3S_Custom Landscape

Another major enhancement you’ll notice is is the addition of real-time sound effects. Be it the sound of howling winds, roaring thunders, or calm rustling of leaves, these dynamic sound effects add an extra topping of realism to an already realistic landscape. You can toggle these sound effects and turn the volume according to your liking from the Options window.

YoWindows 3S_Sound

Apart from the eye-candy, we also noticed the addition of a Broadcast menu that wasn’t available when we last reviewed the app. This rather an interesting feature allows you to share the current weather forecast with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

YoWindows 3S_Broadcast

Just like the previous version, the latest release also features a screensaver, which is automatically set as your default screensaver upon installation. It shows the same weather landscape as the app in full screen mode, complete with the weather information.

YoWindow 3S is one of the most versatile weather applications we’ve seen for Windows and Mac OS X. The latest version 3S supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The Mac version of the latest update is expected to be released soon but for now, Mac users will have to do with the previous version 2.

Download YoWindow 3S

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