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Z-ViPrinter Creates Digitally Signed PDF From Any Application

Some use Cute PDF for converting documents into PDF format. Another option is Doro PDF which allows creating encrypted and password protected PDF documents. While both of these PDF writers have very useful for converting different kinds of documents into PDF files, they do not allow previewing the document structure before conversion which often results in problems with the alignment of the newly created PDF document. Moreover, they do not provide the option to Digitally Sign PDF documents which is quite commonly used nowadays due to copyright issues.

Z-ViPrinter is a PDF writer which integrates with any application by adding a printer option and allows converting into PDF format. Other than providing 40/128-bit encryption and password protection, it also allows digitally signing documents before converting them to PDF format and provides a preview of the document before conversion. Furthermore, it also allows emailing the file or sending it to a fax machine, both of which are unique options.

Z-ViPrinter works pretty much like Doro and Cute PDF. Just open the Printer Dialog of any application, select Z-ViPrinter and click Print.


In the next step, you can either directly save the document to PDF format, email it (by using the default mail client or the Z-ViPrinter’s built in email option), send it via fax or select a digital signature and password for applying to the document. Unlike other applications of its kind, Z-ViPrinter also provides a preview of the document with a zoom option to help you determine if the documents alignment needs to be changed to avoid being distorted after conversion.


Z-ViPrinter works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Z-ViPrinter

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