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Zizorz Captures Screenshot, Uploads It And Exits Itself To Save Memory

Zizorz is a screenshot taking tool which allows you to capture, save and upload images. It exits after completing the task, which means it does not consume system memory when not in use. You can either directly capture a selected region, the active window, or simply copy the selected area to clipboard for pasting it onto other applications such as Photoshop, Paint, MS Word, and the like.

When you launch the application, pop-up message appears over system notification area, telling you how to capture, copy, and upload the screenshots. You can drag the left mouse button with the ALT key to capture and save a screenshot. Similarly, hold Shift while selecting a screen area to upload screenshot to ImageShack. When screen area is selected while holding Ctrl key, it copies the screenshot to Windows clipboard.

System Tray

By default, all images are saved to C:\Users\username\Downloads\Data. You can upload an image by holding down the Shift button while taking screenshots. For now only ImageShack is supported but the developer has assured of adding more services in future versions.

Saved Screenshots

Right-click on Zizorz icon from the system tray to access Settings. Here, you can change the default directory for saving screenshots, create a desktop shortcut for launching Zizorz, enable/disable notifications and send feedback to the developer.

Zizorz Settings

You can watch the video below for complete demonstration of the usage.

Zizorz is still in early development stage and the developer has asked for feedback and suggestions to enhance usability and to debug the problems. For now, it is quite a raw application with little use. One of the major problems with it is that it exits after completing a function and requires being re-launched. While the developer has mentioned this to be an advantage as it ensures that Zizorz does not take up system memory when not active, this however, can be quite irritating for many users. Moreover, one has to go to the saved screenshot directory manually and does not get a prompt or preview screenshots as they get saved. The developer needs to add more useful features before Zizorz can become a serious competitior to other free screenshot taking applications such as Shotty or Greenshot.

Zizorz works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Zizorz

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