iOS 7 Tips & Tricks To Improve Battery, Privacy & Productivity

After a couple of days with iOS 7, we are sure that many users have finally started feeling at home with their updated iDevices. Like any new version of the firmware, iOS 7 will continue revealing new stuff for the next few days. While some of these discoveries are quite discouraging (like the lock screen vulnerability that lets any thief view and share data from your apps), most are pleasant surprises. We are sure our intelligent readers will eventually find out everything iOS 7 is capable of doing, but we have saved you the trouble by compiling a list of lesser known features that ship with the update. In addition to these features, though, there are a few tricks that can help make the iOS 7 experience absolutely perfect for newcomers. Here is a list of things you can do to improve different aspects of the update, or access features that haven’t officially been advertised. Read More

150 Best Windows Apps Of Year 2012

2012 was a great year for tech as a whole, but there was something extra special for us Windows aficionados. That's right, the long awaited Windows 8 launch, which resulted in a huge influx of applications for the platform. We covered a plethora of Windows applications in 2012, but if you didn’t get the time to go through them all, let us present you with a list of the top 150 free applications that we have cherry-picked from the countless we covered through the entire year, just like we did at the end of 2011. Read on! Read More

Bitcasa & Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Come To Android, Windows 8 / RT [Review]

Bitcasa is a relatively new cloud storage service that first appeared on the scene in July with its dedicated desktop client and a mind-boggling offer of virtually unlimited cloud storage for your data backup needs. Basically, the service offers 10GB of free cloud storage to each registered member, who can then subscribe to a $10 per month plan or simply refer the app to friends to get their hands on limitless storage. Adding to its repository of cross-platform clients that till now included a Chrome extension and a Windows app, the service has just released dedicated Windows 8/RT and Android apps to help you easily browse and share your Bitcasa content from your desktop PC as well as mobile device. However, it won’t be till January next year that iOS and Mac users will be able to play around with a Bitcasa clients on their respective platforms. Past the break, we’ll take a closer look at the various features that the newly-released Windows 8 / RT and Android apps of Bitcasa have to offer. Read More

Hands-On With The New Yahoo! Mail App For Windows 8, iOS & Android

Not long ago, Yahoo! was the most popular email service and search engine on the internet. Almost everyone had a Yahoo! ID and most of us relied on Yahoo! messenger for staying in touch with our friends and family. Though later on, times changed and other services took over the number one spot in the online communication industry. However, it doesn't mean that Yahoo! has completely gone off the scene. Yesterday, Yahoo! released new apps for Windows 8 (and RT), iOS and Android that boast neat, modern user interface elements along with features that make it easy to use Yahoo's email services. You can learn more about features of the new Yahoo! Mail app for all these platforms after the jump. Read More

Hands-On With The All-New SugarSync For Windows & Android [Review]

SugarSync needs no introduction in the cloud storage realm. Those of you who are using the service would be delighted to learn about the complete overhaul that the company has brought to the table. Meet the all-new SugarSync beta for Windows and Android. Although it’s currently in public beta, the latest variant is arguably a huge leap forward in terms of design and features. The biggest change is probably the revamped interface, for both the desktop and Android offerings. The company has done away with the cluttered File Manager, which worked as a default portal for managing synced content on Windows and Mac. Along with that, there’s a new SugarSync Drive feature that creates a virtual disk on your PC, making file syncing way more lucid. Does the new UI, iDisk-esque functionality for PC and faster syncing capability make it better than its arch rivals? Let’s find out! Read More

Top 20 Windows 8 Tweaks, Hacks & Tips

Ever since Microsoft released the consumer preview of Windows 8, many power users have found registry hacks and tweaks to change the way Windows 8 behaves in certain situations. While most veteran Windows application developers had already started developing Modern UI apps, Windows enthusiasts were excavating deep into Windows 8 Registry Hives and the Local Group Policy Editor this whole time to find native solutions to problems that novice users may face. If you’ve been following us since the release of the Windows 8 developer build, then you may know that we have covered an umpteen number of Windows 8 tips, registry hacks and Local Group Policy Editor tweaks to enhance the overall usage experience. In what follows, we bring you the best 20 Windows 8 tweaks, hacks and tips that you may find handy. Read More

Windows 8 Review – Complete Guide To New Features

Whenever Microsoft rotates the generation wheel of their operating system to rejuvenate it with new enhancements, people take some time to get accustomed to the newest member of the family. Just three years back, Microsoft launched Windows 7, which to many, was deemed as the best iteration to date. Features like Libraries, Jump List, Aero Snap and Aero Glass gained instant popularity. And to be honest, it was what Vista should have been in the first place. However, time has finally arrived for Windows 8 to take over its predecessor’s job - a job that doesn’t seem any easier this time around, as Microsoft has tried to make this latest version a desktop/tablet hybrid. Windows 8 brings a slew of changes to the table, in terms of OS usage experience as well as user interface, with an all new Start Screen, Modern UI (Windows Store) apps, tablet support, a revamped Windows Explorer (now called File Explorer) and what not. In short, the new OS is full of surprises. But does it deserve a place on our computers? Let’s find out. Read More

AddictiveTips Redesigned; Tell Us What You Think!

Ahoy, readers! As you might already have noticed, we’ve rolled out a new website design. We’ve been rethinking our site’s theme for a while now, aiming to make it look more in sync with current trends while trying not to drift too far away from our original design for the comfort of our regular readers. Yesterday, we decided to finally don the new look, and now that you’ve had the time to look through it, we’d like to know what you think about it. After all, this design transition is for you, the readers, and we can’t mark it complete without your feedback. Read More

Windows 8: Our Detailed Coverage, Everything You Need To Know

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of buzz about Windows 8, ever since Microsoft initially showcased it last year and released a developer’s preview, which we extensively covered for you. Today, at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Microsoft is releasing the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 and as always, we will be providing you with an in-depth coverage of everything Microsoft’s latest operating system optimized for both PCs and tablets has to offer. Read More

UndoClose For Windows [AddictiveTips Apps]

One of the most useful tab-management features of modern browsers is opening recently closed tabs using the Ctrl+Shift+T hotkey. It certainly saves the time one would’ve spent sifting through browsing history to find and open closed tabs. In contrast to browsers, Windows 7 manages folders and application windows differently; despite storing recently opened programs and items in Start Menu, it doesn’t support bringing them up again using a hotkey. Today, AddictiveTips brings you UndoClose - a free program that remembers all recently closed folders and applications, so that you can restore them in the same sequence in which they were closed using two hotkeys. In short, it enables you to open the last closed folder(s) and application(s) just like the way Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers let you open the recently closed tab(s). Read More

Smart Folders For Windows [AddictiveTips Apps]

Do you want to get iOS and Android folder creation functionality in Windows, where folders can be created using simple drag & drop of one app over another? Although Windows 7 has a ton of highly interactive and user-friendly features, the method of creating a folder remains the same to what we saw back in Windows 98, requiring you to create a separate folder, and then put files into that folder by hand. Today, AddictiveTips brings you Smart Folders to save you not only the time, but also the effort, involved in organizing files into folders. It’s a free application for Windows that lets you create folders via simple drag & drop of file(s) over another. Read More

BitLocker Drives Unlocker [AddictiveTips Apps]

If you use BitLocker Drive Encryption to encrypt and secure multiple local drives in Windows 7, you will be frustrated by the process of unlocking all drives one by one. One has to open individual local drives and enter their respective passwords to unlock them. This is both a cumbersome and tiresome user experience. Shouldn't there be an easier method where it requires users to enter passwords for the local drives and then unlock them with just one click? What if more than one drive has the same password? Do you really want to enter the same password multiple times to unlock all drives? What about locking the drives after unlocking them? Windows 7 does not provide any easy option to lock the drives. Users have to lock the drives one by one via the command line. Read More