Sync ImageShack Photos Across Windows, Mac, Android & iOS With SkyPath

There is no shortage of cloud storage services out there, but you will find that a particular niche exists among these services that specialize in photos. And it makes sense, since many of us preserve our dear memories in photos, and don't wanna risk losing them, plus want to have them accessible from all our devices. Also, lost photos aren't documents that can be typed again, or songs and movies that can be bought from anywhere. ImageShack is one such service that gives you 5GB of storage space for your pictures. Developed by the same company, SkyPath is an omni-access solution for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android (Update: Now Windows Phone as well) that allows you to upload images to your ImageShack account and sync them across devices.  Let's take a look at the service and its apps in detail after the jump. Read More

How To Create A Rovio Account & Sync Game Progress Across Devices

Game Center in iOS has always played the primary role in keeping record of any game achievements, but it does very little beyond that. Sure, you can challenge friends to a fruit slicing competition in Fruit Ninja, see what’s the farthest they've run in Temple Run, or find out who knows more words in Letterpress. As far as saving game progress is concerned though, there are little to no options. In the event that you accidentally (or purposely) wipe an iOS device and restore it from a slightly dated backup, you may lose some or all of your achievements and game data. Having personally gone through such a situation where my game data was lost, I can relate to the sinking feeling of losing so much hard work. Rovio - the makers of the famous Angry Birds game that has spawned a broad line of merchandise and its very own animated series - have announced Rovio accounts that will allow users to sync their game progress across devices. Read More

Viber Brings Free Messaging, Voice & Video Calling To Windows & Mac

Viber, the popular free messaging and voice calling app, has received a massive update and has released desktop clients for both Windows and OS X. Both iOS and Android apps now allow you to compose and send video messages. An in-app banner (which can be disabled in the app’s settings if it bothers you) notifies you when you receive a new message or call on the iOS app. The desktop apps themselves are pretty good as well, and come with the added feature of video calls (currently in beta). Calls can easily be transferred between your desktop and mobile phone. Other significant updates to the iOS and Android app include Whatsapp-like online status and last seen time visibility (that can be enabled or disabled), the ability to automatically download received images and videos, adding captions to videos and photos before sending them, a bunch of new stickers, and improved interface. Read More

Auto-Save Gmail Attachments To & Attach Files From Cloud With Kloudle

Earlier this year, we covered a Chrome extension called Cloudy that allows you to attach files in Gmail from multiple cloud storage services or your Facebook account directly, without having to download them to your desktop first. Kloudle is a similar service that can connect with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and lets you attach files to your emails in a way similar to Cloudy. Kloudle supports far fewer services than Cloudly but coupled with its Chrome extension, the service does something else as well that can be really useful - it allows you to save files from your Gmail account to any one of your cloud drives. Files are saved automatically based on ‘rules’ that you create, and you can create up to ten rules. Think of it as the famous service IFTTT, working entirely in your email. Read More

How To Reset Lost Facebook Password With The Trusted Contacts Feature

Identity theft is very real; in the past, it has meant someone impersonating your identity to gain unauthorized access to important information and committing crimes under your name. In today's age of digital media, however, it can also mean someone hacking your social media accounts and putting your online reputation at risk. That's why Facebook has introduced the Trusted Contacts feature in a bid to help you fight identity theft and regain access to your Facebook account should the worst ever happen. It allows you to select three to five people in your Facebook friends’ list who can help you recover your compromised Facebook account. Here’s how to set up and use your trusted contacts to regain access to your account. Read More

Create Image & Voice Notes On Android & Export To PDF With ArcNote

Note taking apps are common but most are limited to saving simple text notes. ArcNote is an audio and image note-taking app for Android from the developers of the famous Perfect365 image editing app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows. It’s a break from the normal text-based notes apps that you usually come across; you can directly take a camera shot or use one of the images already saved on your device for image notes. A single note can contain multiple images and audio recordings. Images can be edited so that only a particular user-defined area is highlighted. ArcNote isn't for jotting down a quick address, nor is it useful when you want to make a quick grocery list. It’s more suitable when you can take a picture of whatever information you need to save, like a business card, a poster or sign, or even a whiteboard, or quickly capture audio, for example an important part of a lecture, interview, presentation or just some instructions from your significant other before you go out shopping. While notes themselves aren't text based, you can add comments to any image in a note. Images can be edited individually, or even in batch. Read More

Postpone Is A To-Do List Web App With Mailbox-Like Task Reminders

The world is an unorganized mess and there is a good chance that merely making a mental list of things you want to do will do you little or no good. It’s precisely why a new to-do app and task manager pops up every other day, and Postpone is yet another service for this very purpose. Postpone groups your tasks into workspaces and with a free account, you can add up to three workspaces. Each task has a title and a description. Tasks can be marked as done, kept in you current workspace's task box, or moved to the ‘Snoozed’ box.  Much like Mailbox for iOS, when snoozing a task, you can select when it will return to the main task box. You can use one of the preset time intervals or enter a time and date of your choice. The other noteworthy feature in Postpone is that you can ‘mention’ people who are involved in a particular task, provided they have a Postpone account too. This not only allows them to know when they've been included in a task, but also lets you search your tasks by person. In all objectivity, it’s an immensely productive use of the ‘mention’ concept that is largely used by social media sites. Postpone is currently in private beta and the invite codes can take up to a month to arrive in your inbox. Read More

How To Remotely Access & Troubleshoot A PC Via A Google+ Hangout

Video chat apps and services aren't very useful if they don’t allow you to send files or invite several people to the same chat session. Another much in-demand feature is the ability to remotely access the desktop of whoever you’re chatting with, in order to help them do something or troubleshoot some problem. There's great news on this front for Google+ users - the feature, has been added to Google Plus Hangouts in the form of an app. The great thing about Google Plus Hangouts, like Gmail Chat, is that your browser is the only thing you need to start a video call and invite multiple people to it, and you can now remotely control someone’s desktop just as easily. Here’s how. Read More

Hide Watched YouTube Videos, Disable Autoplay & Default To HD In Chrome

YouTube has been redesigned quite a few times; features have come and gone, and improved upon. With the service offering so much, it's hard to say there will ever be a design or layout that everyone likes, so those who aren't happy with the interface will either have to get used to it, or use an extension to tweak it. There's no shortage of extensions that tweak, improve, or clean up YouTube's interface, and YouTweak for YouTube is another one of those extensions for Chrome. It allows you to remove videos you've watched from appearing as suggestions or in search results, redirect the YouTube logo to point to any URL, disable YouTube's auto play feature, and have every video play in 720px resolution. Each one of these options can be enabled or disabled individually, giving you complete control over the extension. Read More

Plan Your Vacation With Tripomatic City Guides & Maps For Android

Two things can spoil a perfectly good vacation; the repeated 'are we there yet?' question, and not planning the trip properly - the latter much more than the former. Whether they are meant for business or recreation, trips can turn into a nightmare if they aren't planned right. If planned well enough, you can always get more out of your time, or at the very least, ensure that you aren't exhausted before you leave, when you arrive at your destination, and when you return home. Tripomatic is a fairly famous service that helps you plan your trips, and it has just released its app for the Android platform. The app lets you plan your own trip from scratch by specifying your destination and picking the date of your departure, or use one of its many templates trips and change them to match your schedule. The app includes multiple destinations, landmarks and tourist points for different countries with details on each location. You can choose how many days you will spend at each location, and use the map to get to an overview of each one. Read More

Use The Mouse Wheel To Quickly Switch Between Tabs In Chrome

If you thought a Batman spinoff on yet another item just wasn't possible, Tabman Tabs Manager is a Chrome extension that will change your mind. It’s a tab manager that adds a Batman-like button to the URL bar, which in turn allows you to switch between the different tabs open in the current window. It'll serve little to no purpose if you just have a few tabs open but for those marathon browsing sessions, it can make finding specific tabs from the countless open ones a lot easier! It’s somewhat similar to Sidewise Tree Style Tab that we covered a few days ago, except that it focuses on switching tabs and provides both a mouse gesture (moving the scroll wheel) and use keyboard shortcuts to open the extension’s panel. If you don’t like switching between tabs via a popup, Sidewise Tree Style Tab works in a ‘Dock’ mode as well, where it separates into another window and allows you to search and switch between tabs from it. Read More

10 Great Chrome Extensions For Twitter

Twitter is a very engaging network; you can open your timeline and before you know it, you've spent the better part of an hour reading links or conversing (read: debating trolls). For this and several other reasons, many users prefer Twitter clients over the web interface. Most Twitter clients not only have better features, but also support notifications for your @mentions, direct messages etc. At the same time, they give you control over the content you see, ensuring that only important things disrupt your work. The problem is that Twitter likes to axe the abilities of third-party Twitter clients by restricting its API, and many users have to turn to its web interface whether they like it or not. It’s situations like this when extensions can be very handy. Provided you have the right ones installed, your browser can act like an impressive Twitter client itself, and we've compiled a list of extensions for Chrome that will help you do just that. Read More

Nekoze For Mac Monitors Your Posture & Alerts When You Start To Slouch

Keeping a good posture while using a computer is very important to avoid issues like RSI, but for many of us, sitting upright and making sure our elbows are level with the table takes a backseat to slouching in our chair and getting comfortable. Ergonomic work setups can significantly help, but the fact is that unless you force your self to stop slumping, there is no chair comfortable (or uncomfortable) enough to get you to straighten your spine. In all fairness, we’re so used to slumping in our chairs that we often forget what we’re doing to our spines. Nekoze is a free health and fitness Mac app that takes a somewhat different approach to helping you maintain a good posture while you work. It connects with your webcam and detects when you start to slump in your chair. An on-screen and audio notification alerts you to sit up. You can customize how lenient or strict the app is in its assessment of your sitting posture. Read More

Open Word, Excel & PowerPoint Files In Chrome With Office Viewer

Chrome can open a lot of different files without the need to install any extra plugins, extensions, or scripts. In fact, many modern browsers can open some of the common file types that are used everyday including media files in MP3 and MP4 format, and PDF documents. Granted that browsers aren't the best file viewers for multimedia files, they are still great for quick previews or when you don’t have your preferred app available. The one file format, or rather the group of file formats that browsers don’t normally support by default are Microsoft Office documents, presentations, spreadsheets et al. If you don’t have Office installed on your PC or Mac, you can turn to Google Drive’s web version or services like Box and Jumpshare that offer online file previews in order to view these files. Chrome users on the Beta channel now have another option. Google has released a new extension called Chrome Office Viewer that allows you to drag and drop your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files to your browser’s window and view them in it directly. The extension is currently experimental, so expect a hiccup or two here and there. Read More

Twitter For Mac Updated With Retina Support & Easier Photo Sharing

Twitter has been integrated in Mountain Lion much like was in iOS 5 allowing you to tweet from just about any where. It does lack a universal hotkey that lets you open the compose tweet box, but you can easily add that with Quick Tweet. Even though Twitter has been integrated throughout the OS, this does not render Twitter clients obsolete as the timeline itself is not part of the integration, and thus, we continue to see Twitter clients evolve, even if slowly. The latest to upgrade its feature-set is none other than Twitter’s official Mac client. The update includes the long-awaited support for Retina displays, additional languages, and a new button that allows you to share photos directly from the New Tweet box. Read More

Website Building, Hosting & Blogging Service Weebly Comes To Android

After enjoying a good run with its iOS app, popular website building, hosting and blogging service Weebly has just released its Android app, which will allow you to create and edit new posts and publish them to your Weebly blog from within the app. Posts can be images, text or a combination of the two. The app lets you post images from your gallery or snap them from your camera and add a caption to the them. You can create a new Weebly account or a new blog from the app itself. The text editor allows you to add lists, bullet points, and hyperlinks. The app also lets you manage comments, view blog stats, and edit your blog’s theme. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the app and automatically share your posts to these social networks upon publishing. Read More

RSS Master Is An OS X Feed Reader With A Built-In Tabbed Browser

Google Reader’s retirement will not just impact those who used its web interface, but also the scores of apps that synced feeds using Google’s API, and everyone who used such an app. While the hunt for the best web alternative for Google Reader is still in progress, many users are also considering switching to a desktop alternative. Mac users can get RSS Master for free for a limited time in the Mac App Store. It syncs with Google Reader, but can also work independently of it. You can add feeds from a local file, Blogger, LiveJournal, Xanga, MSN Spaces, or a URL. You can import feeds from an XML file as well. RSS Master had its own built-in browser that allows you to open articles in different tabs. The app lets you share articles on Twitter, Buffer, Evernote, Instapaper, Facebook, Pocket and Delicious, and add them to Safari’s reading list. You can set RSS Master to open articles in your default browser instead of its own, customize the font, and choose how often the app will check for new items in your feeds. Feeds can be organized into folders and refreshed manually all at once. Read More

BitTorrent Sync Introduces Unlimited & Secure Two-Way P2P File Syncing [Review]

IF you've ever wondered how file syncing can take place in the absence of a server and the need to create an account with it, BitTorrent has the answer for you in form of their latest app - BitTorrent Sync. It’s a peer-to-peer file syncing client by BitTorrent that relies on ‘Secrets’, which are 32-character long passcodes that you can set up to connect two computers and sync files between them - no link sharing or account sign up with any web service needed. The biggest benefit such a setup has over traditional Dropbox-style web service-based syncing is that there are no limits on file size or total space - you are only limited by the total space on the connected devices themselves. Though one drawback is that you don't get to have your files saved on the cloud for access from any computer or smartphone. The app is in public Alpha and undergoing active development, so there might be some quirks yet to be ironed out. The apps are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and as per our tests, they all work perfectly for syncing files. Read More

Easily Record Phone Calls On Android With MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice

As smart as they are, many smartphones don’t normally ship with a built-in call recording support for the obvious reason that users might abuse the feature. In truth, the need to record a phone call is very real when you consider situations such as taking a phone interview, enjoying a long-distance phone conversation on a special occasion with loved ones, or just asking for directions over the phone. MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice is a free Android app that - as its name suggests - allows you to record phone calls in MP3 format. The app runs in the background and overlays a button on the phone app’s interface. When you make or attend a call, tapping this button instantly begins the recording. The app automatically stop recording when a call ends. The app also works as a simple voice recorder. All recordings are saved in MP3 format and can be played directly in the app. The free version of MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice features ads and does not allow you to email the recordings to yourself from within the app. Upgrading to the pro version removes ads and in addition, allows you to add notes to your recordings and enable the 'Record all calls' mode. Read More

Search Major Websites Directly From Google’s Home Page

Google is, without question, the best search engine out there for general web searches, but there are quite a number of other popular services that many users search on apart from Google, often for more specific types of searches. Where Googling gives you a comprehensive list of relevant results from multiple websites, searches on services like YouTube, ebay, IMDb etc. give you more relevant results of a particular nature. You can use extensions like Multi Search to select text from any web page and search for it on different websites from the right-click context menu. Search Switch is an extension available for both Chrome and Firefox that adds a switching menu to the default Google search page. It allows you to change the search site by scrolling the mouse wheel, or select one from the list that appears when you click the extension’s button. Read More