ContLab Is A Comprehensive General-Purpose Workflow Manager

ContLab is a free business organizer for Windows that is currently still in its beta stages. Nevertheless, it shows promise of being a reliable tool for business enthusiasts who have trouble keeping records of their projects, contacts, agendas, reports and accounts. Also, the application comes packed with networking feature, which allows you to run the application from the server, so that all connected computers can easily use different features of the application from one central location. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

System Security Guard Rates Files & Running Processes By Level Of Threat

System security is a major problem nowadays, but no antivirus software is able to detect each and every virus out there. Add the fact that new viruses are being created everyday and you got a real mess on your hands. So how do you protect your computer by yourself? Well, first of all you need information, and that’s precisely what System Security Guard is all about. Based off System Explorer (reviewed here), System Security Guard is a file scanning application that scans your computer for all programs, drivers and running processes. It compares all the detected files with an online database and categorizes them into four groups; Safe, Threat, Unknown and Suspicious files. Read More

Convert Any Text Document Into A 3D Page-Flipping eBook With Flip pages worker

You’ve seen many conversion software, like audio converters that convert audio from one format to another or video converters that do the same for videos. You can also use programs like MS Word to convert documents between TXT, DOC, DOCX, RTF and PDF formats. Today, we will look at another application that converts TXT files to a digital flip-turning eBook format. The application is called Flip pages worker for eBook, a lite form of its premium version, 3D PageFlip Standard. Read More

Metamorphose: All-In-One File & Folder Renamer For Windows, Mac & Linux [Review]

Previously, we’ve reviewed many batch file-renaming applications like ReNamerNameChangerFile Grinder, and many more. Today, we will take a look at Metamorphose, a cross-platform, opensource batch file and folder renaming application for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to  selectively rename files and subfolders. It supports numerical, alphabetical and roman numerical system, allows use of regular expressions (Regex), can extract dates from files and ID3 information from MP3 files. It sports a multitude of methods to edit part of a filename and append text both at the beginning and the end of names. Read More

Search Code Snippets, Graphics, Website Templates & More With Artist Maker

Having problems searching through multiple sites for a particular image, video, code or a template? With Artist Market, the free and portable Windows and Linux application, you can easily search for the artistic object of your desire without having to manually go through a long process of searching multiple sites. Whether it’s background images, icons, videos, Java or PHP scripts, Wordpress templates or a flash player design. Everything is just a few clicks away. Read More

WikiView For iPad: Elegant Wikipedia Reader With Map View & Real-Time Search

You’ve all probably heard about Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia for readers by readers. Seriously, who hasn’t? If you often find yourself on the website, looking through its massive database of articles, you should know you can do the same on the go with WikiView for iPad. It incorporates most Wikipedia features and even provides additional features like saving an article for offline reading, removing those pesky references at the bottom of the page, searching articles by location via a world map and much more.

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Pair For iPhone & Android: Chat & Share Privately With Your Loved One

A private line to your loved one is what everyone wants. Pair for iPhone and Android takes that wish and turns it into reality by establishing a private connection between two people that can be used to send messages, pictures, videos, your current location and even a gesture of affection. Furthermore, no accounts other than the “paired” ones can be used to access the data shared between you two, so you can be as affectionate as you want without being embarrassed. You can even work on an image together to compose handwritten messages and pictures that can be modified and added to by your partner. No more cold factory-font text messaging. Feel the warmth of your loved one’s writing, and you can also have fun playing tic-tac-toe with them using the same feature.

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WirelessKeyView Updated; Now Lets You Import & Export Wireless Keys

Back in 2009, we featured WirelessKeyView, an application with the purpose of recovering Wireless Network Keys from Windows or from the data left behind after Windows is uninstalled. Since our last review, WirelessKeyView had many of its minor bugs fixed. The method of displaying data has also been improved to incorporate grid view and to mark odd and even rows in order to make it easier to keep track of the fields. However the most important update added recently was the Import and Export of Wireless Keys. So now, you can backup and migrate your wireless keys anywhere you want.

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SynWrite Is A Portable Syntax Editor With Tree Structure View For Code

Previously, we have gone over text editors the likes of Editra, a cross platform editor, and InType, an editor with a tabbed interface. Today we shall review and compare another advanced text and programming editor called SynWrite. It supports source code programming in over 70 languages (which include JAVA, C++, C, Cobol, Pascal, Perl, HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, etc.) and writing in over 80 file extensions (TXT and extensions allocated to the languages it supports). Like InType, it is a TDI-based interface and thus can open multiple files in new tabs. It supports a tree panel that keeps track of all code groups and provides links to them as well as a clipboard panel that stores all instances of copied text which can then be selected and used as you wish. It can also expand and collapse (i.e. show and hide) portions of the written code as you wish.

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FreeVimager: View, Edit & Convert Images, Audio & Video, All In One Place

Not stylish but certainly usable to a good degree; these words just about sum up FreeVimager. FreeVimager is a 3-in-1 application that can display, edit and convert images, videos and audio files. It’s basically a viewer and editor geared towards camera related applications. It supports BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF (both still and animated), TIFF, PCX and EMF image extensions; for audio it supports AIF, WAV, MP3, WMA, AU, MID and CDA file extensions, and AVI files for video as well as ZIP files for archiving.

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