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Founded in 2008, AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find free and simple solutions to their everyday problems. We began by reviewing the best freeware apps and services from around the web and routinely covering tips and guides on Windows, Mac,  and other operating systems so that users would not have to buy applications and services for the simplest of problems and also, so it would be easier for them to find what they were looking for.

As the number of platforms grew, the web landscape changed to people being snowed over by apps that weren’t all that useful and we undertook the task to sort the good stuff from the bad. AddictiveTips effectively expanded its scope to include popular mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone and iOS. AddictiveTips aims to give both experienced and budding developers a voice, and encourage them to create better and useful apps.

Meet the editorial team

Fatima Wahab, Editor in Chief

fatima wahab 271x300 AboutView in galleryFatima has been writing for AddictiveTips for six years. She began as a junior writer and has been working as the Editor in Chief since 2014.

Fatima gets an adrenaline rush from figuring out how technology works, and how to manipulate it. A well-designed app, something that solves a common everyday problem and looks good doing it can make her day.

Fatima is an aspiring author and a fan of zombie flicks, good and bad.

Adi Abdurab, Senior Editor

View in galleryAdi Abdurab has written the Peabody Award winning and Emmy nominated season of Burka Avenger. He has made a career out of writing scripts that highlight social issues while entertaining audiances. He is also working on his full-length feature film.

When he is not making movies, Adi is a tech-writer and life skills coach. Adi’s works are being published for nearly 8 years with large scale publications like Addictive Tips, How-To-Geek, Dawn,Spider Magazine and The Herald.

As a trainer and life-skills coach for just under 12 years he has trained thousands of youth – focusing on startups and young professionals. Adi is also a lecturer in the field of Technology Management at various Universities.