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Fergus O'Sullivan

Tech Writer
Education University of Amsterdam
Expertise Cybersecurity, VPNs, torrenting, AI
  • Got his start at an ink-and paper daily in Taiwan before making the switch to working online
  • Has uncovered more than a few dirty secrets in his ten years as a writer and reviewer

Fergus holds a BA in history from the University of Amsterdam, which includes a teaching certification.

How Fergus contributes to Addictivetips

Fergus has been a journalist for nearly a decade now, starting out as a desk editor at a daily newspaper in Taiwan before going freelance. Since then, he’s specialized in writing about tech, writing hundreds of reviews about all manner of software as well as leading investigations into industry issues and interviewing creators, developers and leaders.

He’s been regularly published in several tech-focused publications, including How-to Geek, Help Desk Geek and Cloudwards, as well as writing for The History Guild. As a writer, Fergus likes to make sure that consumers get what they’re paying for. Over the years he has warned people away from more than a few dodgy providers, something he intends to keep doing.