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5 Best Methods to Resolve Outlook Trying to Connect Issue

Outlook users using Exchange Server often complain about Outlook trying to connect issue. People working from an office have an option to call the IT admin to get help. However, those working from home need to find the fix for themselves.

If you know the commonly used troubleshooting tricks, you can resolve this issue and help your Outlook to connect to the Exchange Server. Here are 5 powerful but simple methods to fix Outlook connectivity issues.

A visualization of the Outlook Account settings interface

1. Ensure Exchange Server and Account Details Are Correct

If your Outlook is trying to get connected for sometimes with no visible results, it’s time to check if the account details or the name of the server have been entered correctly. Here is what you need to do in order to validate your Outlook account credential:

  • Start Outlook on your computer.
  • Select the File tab and click on Info.
  • Choose the option Account and Social Network Settings. After accessing it, select Account settings.
  • When a dialog box appears, select the account and remove the existing one. Now, re-enter the account credentials correctly.

Resolve Outlook trying to connect issue

2. Check the Online Status of Outlook

Confirming whether Outlook is online or offline should not be a difficult one. In fact, Outlook offers some visual indications, including certain messages on the Outlook status bar like Working Offline or Disconnected. These messages mean Outlook’s connection from its server has been broken.

If you know it’s offline, you can make it online using the following steps:

  • Open any version of Outlook and navigate to the Send/Receive tab.
  • Click on the Work Offline option to reconnect Outlook with the server.

3. Check the Connection of MS Exchange Server

For Outlook to connect with the Exchange Server, the latter also needs to have a connection. To check it, go through the steps below:

  • Open Outlook. Click on the File tab and then choose Info. Now, you need to choose Account and Social Network Settings, and then Account settings.
  • Check the Exchange account. If the connection has an issue, it’ll indicate that with orange color.

4. Connect to Exchange Server Using SSL

If you’re not using SSL, you might get Outlook trying to connect error message. In order to use SSL, perform the following steps:

  • Start Outlook on your computer and select File tab.
  • Choose Info from the left panel and select Account and Social Network Settings. Then, click on Account settings.
  • Now is the time to choose your email address and click on Change.
  • Then, click on More Settings and move to the Advanced tab.
  • Choose SSL as the encrypted connection category and click on OK.

5. Repair or Reinstall Outlook

In extreme cases, the above methods won’t be able to fix the Outlook connection problem. In that case, you need to repair or reinstall the Outlook app. It’s highly recommended to repair the Outlook before opting for reinstallation.

  • Press Windows+R and enter the following command in the Run box. Hit Enter to execute the command.
  • As you get access to the application manager, go to Microsoft Office. Right click on it and select Change.
  • Now, click on Repair and then select Continue.

Wrapping Up

The problem with Outlook connectivity has always been there. One of the common errors Exchange Server users face is Outlook trying to connect. This blog shared some commonly used solutions to resolve Outlook connectivity issues.

Check out these approaches and see which one works for you. Apart from these, you also need to ensure that Outlook isn’t running in compatibility mode.

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