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How to fix stuck downloads in the Mac App Store on macOS

Apple’s software is not immune to problems. They may not be as big or as frequent as those experienced by users on other platforms but they exist nevertheless. If you’re trying to update or install apps but the update refuses to start or you have stuck downloads in the Mac App Store, then try the following fixes.

Cancel and restart

If you have stuck downloads in the Mac App Store or updates that won’t start, cancel them and try starting them again. Often, this will be enough to fix the problem. For whatever reason, the request for the update or the app ends up in a loop request that times out. The store app shows that it’s loading when in fact, nothing is happening.

Sign out and sign again

The Mac App Store works with your Apple ID. You must be signed into the app in order to download other apps. If a download or update is stuck, try signing out and back in.

To sign out of the Mac App store, open the app and go to Store in the menu bar. Select the sign out option. After signing out, it’s a good idea to restart your Mac and then sign back into the Mac App store.

Check country store

Normally, if you try to download an app that is not available in your country store, the Mac App store app will tell you that you can’t download it. In case the prompt doesn’t appear, check to see if you’re in the correct country store for your Apple ID. You will have to view your Account information and then match its country to the country the Mac App Store is currently in.

You can check your account information from Store>View Account information.

Check internet connection

Check if your internet is working and stable. It’s possible that the speed is fluctuating or the connection keeps breaking while the Mac App Store tries to download an app. In this case, the download or the update will be slow and give the impression that it is stuck.

Try connecting to a different internet connection to see if the download or update starts. If your home internet is stable but the download still won’t start, clear your DNS cache by running the following command in Terminal.

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Additionally, while you’re at it, restart your router.

Clear Mac App Store cache

Open Terminal and run the following command;

open $TMPDIR../C/com.apple.appstore/

It will open a Finder window. Copy the contents of this folder some place safe and then delete them from their original location. Close the Mac App Store and open it again. Try downloading apps again and they ought to work. As for the files you copied, you can delete them if you want to. We created a back up in case something went wrong. You don’t actually need them for anything.

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