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How to check your SSD health on Windows 10

Hard drives are slowly being replaced with SSDs.  Unfortunately, SSDs have a limited life which is something that scares users from investing in the expensive hardware. While SSDs do have a limited life, it is still likely that you buy a new system before you have to replace your SSD. That said, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your SSD health. Here’s how.

SSD health depends on how much data you’ve written to it. You can write over 500TB of data to an SSD before it fails. Some can last even longer, depending on the brand you buy.

SSD Health

There are lots of tools, both paid and free, that tell you how healthy your SSD is. We recommend using Crystal Disk Mark, or giving Open Hardware Monitor a try. There’s another app called SSDLife which has a Pro and Free version but it seems the free version cannot be downloaded from the developer’s website. You have to get it off Softpedia.

Crystal Disk Mark

Download Crystal Disk Mark and install it. Run the app and it will tell you the current state of your SSD. If the app tells you it’s ‘Good’ you don’t have anything to worry about. In some cases, where the SSD supports it, you will also be able to see a percentage for its health and how much data you’ve written to it so far. My SSD doesn’t support it but it appears to be in good health as per this app.

The app also gives you a whole host of other information but it’s technical and unless you know what you’re looking for, it won’t be of much use to you.

Open Hardware Monitor

Download and install Open Hardware Monitor. Run the app and expand your SSD from the list. Under Levels, the app will tell you how much of your SSD’s life is left. Mine has 96% of its life left but I’ve only had my SSD for a little over a year so it seems to have depreciated more than is normal.


You can buy SSDLife Pro, or you can try the free version from Softpedia. The Pro version isn’t very expensive so if you like the free version, you might want to look at buying the full one. Download, install and run the app. It will tell you how your SSD is doing. The consensus is that mine is healthy.

SSDs help your system run faster and unless you’ve used one in your system, it’s hard to explain or truly appreciate how great it is. The technology has improved and is still improving so if you’re not willing to invest in one now, you should definitely consider doing so in the next few years. They will be more affordable and their lifespan will have improved.

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