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How to Check a Box in Word: Read Our Step By Step Guide

Creating a checkbox in Microsoft Word is a useful feature for creating lists, surveys, or forms. We share four methods explaining how to check a box in Word.

How to Make a Checkbox in Word on Windows 10 and 11

Using the Developer Tab

  1. Enable the Developer Tab:
    • Go to File > Options.
    • In the Word Options dialog box, select Customize Ribbon.
    • In the right pane, check the box next to Developer and click OK.Screenshot with arrow pointing to developer option checkbox
  2. Insert a Checkbox:
    • Click on the Developer tab in the ribbon.
    • In the Controls group, click on the Checkbox Content Control (a checkbox icon).
    • A checkbox will appear in your document where your cursor is placed.Screenshot of how to add checkbox in word doc
  3. Customize the Checkbox (Optional):
    • Right-click on the checkbox.
    • Select Properties.
    • Here, you can change the name, tag, and other properties of the checkbox.

Using Symbol Feature

  1. Place Your Cursor:
    • Click in the document where you want to insert the checkbox.
  2. Insert Symbol:
    • Go to Insert
    • Click on Symbol > More Symbols.Screenshot of word doc with arrow pointing to symbol button
  3. Choose a Checkbox Symbol:
    • In the Symbol window, select the Wingdings
    • Scroll to find the checkbox symbol (usually around character code 163).
    • Click Insert and then Close to add the checkbox to your document.

Using Bulleted List

  1. Start a List:
    • Type your list items, pressing Enter after each one.
  2. Customize Bullets:
    • Highlight the list.
    • Go to Home tab, click on the Bullets
    • Choose Define New Bullet.
  3. Select a Checkbox Symbol:
    • Click on Symbol.
    • Choose Wingdings as the font.
    • Select a checkbox symbol and click OK.

Using a Form

  1. Create a Table:
    • Go to the Insert tab and insert a table for your form.
  2. Add Checkboxes:
    • In each row or cell where you need a checkbox, follow the steps from the “Using the Developer Tab” section above.

For Mac Versions:

  • Enabling the Developer Tab:
    • Go to Word > Preferences.
    • Under Authoring and Proofing Tools, click Ribbon & Toolbar.
    • In the Ribbon tab, check the box next to Developer and click Save.
  • Inserting a Checkbox (Developer Tab):
    • The process is similar to Windows: Use the Developer tab to insert interactive checkboxes.
  • Using Symbol Feature and Bulleted List:
    • These features work similarly on Mac. However, the interface and steps to access the Symbol library or customize bullets might differ slightly.

Key Points for Mac:

  • Interface Differences: The user interface of Microsoft Word can vary slightly between Mac and Windows versions, but the core functionality remains the same.
  • Feature Availability: All the methods mentioned (Developer tab, Symbol feature, and Bulleted list) are available in both Mac and Windows versions of Word.
  • Version Consistency: Ensure your Word application is updated to the latest version for the best compatibility and feature availability on both Mac and Windows platforms.


  • For Printable Checklists: Use the Symbol or Bulleted List method.
  • For Interactive Forms: Use the Developer Tab method.
  • Customizing Appearance: Change font size or color of the checkbox symbol for visual enhancement.
  • Saving the Document: Ensure to save your document in a format that retains the checkboxes (e.g., .docx).

By following these steps, you can easily add and customize checkboxes in your Microsoft Word documents, enhancing their functionality and appearance.

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