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What Does NGL Mean in Text and When to Use It

Do you want to know what does NGL mean in text? This post explains the meaning of this online acronym and when to use it.

Like other internet acronyms, NGL is an abbreviation people randomly use in social media and texting apps. In recent years, it has gained popularity and is being seen on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Since it’s yet to be used on mainstream media, you may not be familiar with its meaning.

Don’t worry. We’ll describe its meaning, its history of origin, and the best ways to use it.

What Does NGL Mean in Text and When to Use It

What Does NGL Mean in Text Messaging

NGL stands for “not gonna lie.” People usually use it at the beginning of a sentence to denote their honest opinion. Besides, you can use it to open up about your feelings or to insult someone. Depending on the context, the tone of this acronym can change.

NGL is frequently used to share personal opinions on something. For example, you can write, “NGL, I hate pepperoni pizza.” However, you might use NGL to be rude or to insult someone “NGL, only kids like ketchup.”

How Do I Use NGL?

NGL is a direct acronym of a popular phrase, “not gonna lie.” Those who how to use the phrase “I’m not gonna lie” in real life shouldn’t face any difficulty using NGL either. Since it’s an abbreviation, there are no hard and fast grammatical rules to use it. However, people usually start the sentence with NGL and then, proceed with the statement they believe to be true.

You may see widespread use of NGL in the informal setting, however, it can also be used in semi-formal settings. However, you should avoid using NGL in writing while you’re in a formal conversation.

How Do I Use NGL

The History of NGL

The origin of the phrase “not gonna lie” dates back to at least 100 years. Since the beginning, people used it to refer to honest opinion or vulnerability as a part of colloquial language. In other words, the phrase is used before or after opinions that don’t have deep meaning.

When it comes to the internet acronym NGL, the conversion of “not gonna lie” into NGL happened at the end of the 2010s. At the same time, it got listed in the Urban Dictionary for the first time.

If you check Google Trends, you’ll find a large section of the population is searching for the word online than ever before. It means, that more and more people are getting familiarized with it and using it in their conversations on social media and texting apps. Especially, platforms like Reddit and Twitter are full of posts that include this abbreviation.


NGL is a popular online abbreviation people use in their social posts and direct messaging. Now that you know what does NGL mean in text and social media, you can easily understand the meaning, regardless of the context. Also, it’ll work as a helpful guide to use in the right situations.

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