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How to make glass in Minecraft

Glass is an easy to craft block in Minecraft. You can use it as a building block but, given it’s glass, it’s not going to build anything that is blast-resistant. It’s great as an aesthetic block and you can use it to craft a few useful things like a beacon or a glass bottle which is essential for brewing in Minecraft.

glass Minecraft

Glass in Minecraft

Glass doesn’t occur naturally in Minecraft. You have to craft it. It is crafted as a block and can be dyed to make stained glass. In addition to making a beacon and glass bottles, it can also be used to make glass panes that fit in your windows. 

Make glass in Minecraft

To make glass in Minecraft you need;

  • A furnace
  • Coal
  • Sand

Sand occurs naturally. Collect as much sand as you want to make glass  On block of sand will yield one block of glass. You can also use red sand to craft glass. 

Coal, or any other fuel type that you want to use, will smelt the sand into glass. Once you have both the sand and the coal, place the sand in the furnace. Add the fuel. Collect glass blocks.

Make glass panes

To make glass panes;

  1. Open the crafting table.
  2. Place one glass block in each cell of the first and second row.
  3. Collect 16 glass panes.

Dye glass in Minecraft

If you want to dye a glass block one of the supported dye colors, follow these steps.

  1. Open the crafting table.
  2. Place a block of glass in all cells except for the middle cell (second cell of the second row)..
  3. Place the dye in the middle cell.
  4. Collect eight dyed glass blocks.

Note: you can replace glass blocks with glass panes and get dyed glass panes. If you use dyed glass blocks to create glass panes, the panes will be the same color as the glass. 


Once a glass block or a glass pane has been placed, you can only collect it or break it and obtain it again if you use a tool with silk touch. Any other tool that you use will cause the glass to break and drop nothing. Given that glass is easy to craft, it may not be worth using a tool with Silk touch to obtain it. You can always break glass and replace it with new glass blocks. Minecraft also has hardened glass but it is made using compounds. It doesn’t do much in the game though.

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