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BTFO Meaning: What Does BTFO mean?

The Internet has become our primary means of communication, and it was only natural that Internet-specific slang would develop over time.

One perfect example of common Internet slang is BTFO, and we will be explaining what it means, as well as when you should and shouldn’t use it, precisely because it seems to be garnering a lot of popularity.

BTFO meaning

What Does BTFO mean?

Unlike a lot of other abbreviations that have just one meaning, BTFO can have two:

  • Back the f*ck out
  • Blown the f*ck off

Whichever the meaning you intend to use it for, remember that this abbreviation is only used in an online environment, social media, or in text messages.

More so, because it has two meanings, remember to use it with people that actually know both of them to avoid confusion.

When Is Back The F*ck Off used?

Despite having two meanings, the first one is the most popular, and it is used whenever a person gets too close to you physically, and you want them to give you some space.

BTFO is not the only abbreviation that contains the F-word, and using it is meant to add a layer of force and seriousness to your statement, showcasing a high degree of aggression.

Here’s an example of when you can use back the f*ck out in real life:

You’re in a bar and someone insists on invading your personal space. You can choose to tell them one of the following:

  1. Back off!
  2. Back the f*ck off!

Given the nature of this scenario, option #2 seems more appropriate, since it makes you seem more menacing and not to be taken lightly

The same can be used in social media and on forums since BTFO can be used as a response to unrequested DMs, abusive comments, or annoying replies.

More so, you can use it not only when someone is harassing you, but also when someone else is being harassed.

Here’s an example of when you can use back the f*ck out online:

Person #1: I don’t like your post, and you’re an utter failure.

Person #2: I never asked for your opinion!

Friend of Person #2: Yeah, BTFO!

This particular scenario is one of the few occasions where BTFO can be used as a single response since the conversation leading up to it provides more than enough context.

When Is Blown The F*ck Off Used?

This second meaning of BTFO is less used, yet still present in social media.

Blown the f*ck off is used when you’re talking about losing against someone else in either a competition or a bet.

When talking about games and sports, the expression derives from the idea of possibly being blown out of a game by your opponent, reflecting complete and utter defeat.

Because of its meaning, blown the f*ck off is used primarily in gaming and online sports communities, especially when the games or sports are competitive by nature, like co-op games or team-based sports.

The winners of said game or competition can then tell their opponents that they’ve been blown the f*ck off. Alternatively, the losers can say the exact same thing about themselves.

Here’s are a few examples of when you can use blown the f*ck off  naturally:

Example #1

One gamer may be recalling an awful online match he may have experienced in the past:

My teammate got fragged too many times and the other team got fed. BTFO before we knew the match was over!

Example #2

You may recall the way a football match ended:

By half time the opposing team was ahead by 2 goals, yet still got BTFO by overtime!

How Can I Tell The Difference Between The Two BTFOs?

Besides the fact that both abbreviations contain the F-word, there’s nothing else in common between the two expressions.

This makes it easy to use in conversations since you can tell the meaning of BTFO provided that you offer enough context.

However, there are some key-limitations that you need to consider:

If you’re the one using BTFO:

  • You need to make sure the person that you are talking to knows both meanings of BTFO
  • Always say BTFO paired with a sentence or enough words to provide sufficient context, never send just BTFO

If you’re the person that received a BTFO message:

  • Read it out loud in full form to understand which meaning fits best
  • Try to figure out the tone from the context, since back the f*ck off is used in anger, while blown the f*ck off is used with somewhat of a humorous tone
  • If all else fails, there’s always the (awkward) option of asking the sender what BTFO means

BTFO: Parting Words

Now that we’ve clarified what BTFO means, we hope that you can make better use of it when talking with your fellow gamers and friends.

However, remember that BTFO still contains an F-word, so try to be careful around whom you’re using it since abbreviated profanity is still profanity.

All in all, if you want to learn more about Internet slang and commonly-used abbreviations, let us know by leaving your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll get right to it.

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