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Error: Ask Your Admin to Enable Microsoft Teams (FIXED)

Microsoft 365 is used in homes and corporations alike. The productivity suite isn’t free, and enterprise licenses cost more. They also tend to have more features e.g., more storage space in OneDrive.

When an enterprise license is purchased, it comes with access to an admin panel that can be used to control who, within the organization, can have access to a particular app.

Fix: Ask Your Admin to Enable Microsoft Teams

An enterprise Microsoft 365 license allows a system admin to enable and disable features on a per-user basis. Microsoft Teams is one app that can be enabled or disabled on a per-user basis. If it hasn’t been enabled for you, or there’s a problem with permissions for your particular user, you may see the ‘You’re missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams’ message when you try to log into the app.

1. Enable Microsoft Teams for user

It’s worth checking with your admin if they indeed need to enable Microsoft Teams for your account. It can be enabled from the Microsoft 365 or the Microsoft Teams admin panel.

On the Microsoft 365 admin panel;

  1. Visit the Microsoft 365 admin panel in your browser.
  2. Select Users>Active Users.
  3. Select the user that is seeing the ‘You’re missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams’ message.
  4. Click ‘Edit’ next to a user, and enable Microsoft Teams for them.

2. Enable Microsoft Teams for organization

It’s possible that you may not have enabled Microsoft Teams for the entire organization. In this case, all users who are using the enterprise license will see the same error.

  1. Log into the Microsoft 365 admin panel.
  2. Expand Settings in the column on the left.
  3. Select Services & add-ins.
  4. Select Microsoft Teams in the panel on the right.
  5. Turn the ‘Turn Microsoft Teams on or off for your entire organization’ switch On.
  6. Click Save.

3. Enable Microsoft Teams for guests

If the person trying to access Microsoft Teams isn’t a part of the organization and is instead using a non-domain account, you need to enable Microsoft Teams for guests. This must be done by the Teams admin for your organization.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  2. Expand Org-wide settings in the column on the left.
  3. Select Guest access.
  4. In the panel on the right, turn the ‘Allow guest access in Teams’ switch On.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Invite a guest to your team, and they will be able to join/log in.


The ‘Ask Your Admin to Enable Microsoft Teams’ message isn’t one that a user can resolve. It has to be fixed by the Teams administrator. You may have to quit and relaunch Microsoft Teams after an admin has made a change, but beyond that, there isn’t much that an end-user can do.


  1. Microsoft no longer allow using the free desktop version of Teams (without Office 365) with a private account if the user has also a school or work account:


    At least the following solutions exist:
    – using the work or school account
    – using the mobile app
    – using Teams online via web browser
    – buying Office 365.
    It is indeed extremely annoying that the Teams application itself do not tell why logging in with a private account do not work out anymore.

  2. Please, let me know if I have O365 E5 license, and I have disabled Teams service plan and assigned MS Teams Exploratory license. Will I be able to access MS Teams?

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