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Top 10 Minecraft Tips You Should Know

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time. It has attracted millions of players globally since its release in 2011. If you play Minecraft, you must know by now that there is no dearth of content in this game.

That’s why the game has many dedicated players who are continuously exploring the world of this game to come up with the best Minecraft tips and tricks. While doing that, they have uncovered some surprising yet beneficial hacks that will assist you in your gaming journey.

top 10 minecraft tips

10 Best Minecraft Tips

Here are some top tips for Minecraft players.

1. Explore the Area

If you’re playing in survival mode, you must start exploring your surrounding once you are done surviving the first night. You can use wood or stone to build a pathway if you tend to get lost easily.

2. Act Promptly

As a Minecraft player, you should act fast to stay prepared for the first night. You should harvest woods to survive the night against the monsters. Experienced players should also focus on building a house.

3. Start Farming

Novice Minecraft players often struggle to find food at the initial stage. For them, having a wheat farm is a useful Minecraft tip that will ensure a consistent food supply.

4. Have a Water Source Near Crop Farms

Farms located six blocks away from the water resource will dry up. Hence, one cool hack is to plan your farm accordingly, so the water source is only five blocks away.

5. Use a Fence for a Zombie-Proof Home

If zombies keep breaking into your home at night, use the fence to stay protected against them. Since Minecraft zombies can’t break down fences, you can stop them by placing a fence instead of an actual door.

6. Lure Endermen Into Water

You can defeat Endermen even without pumpkins, and that is by making them jump into a water body. Endermen are unable to swim. So, they will sink after jumping into the water following you. You should also stay away from them by a two-block range.

7. Moving Without a Compass

You can easily navigate without getting lost, even if you don’t have a compass. Look at the sun or moon, and since these move to the west, you can easily find out the north.

8. Stock More Cats

If you have cats, creepers will stay away from you at any cost. These cute and adorable pets may not work against other mobs, but they are perfect if you want to creepers at the moment.

9. Water for Clean Landscape

If you don’t know how buckets of water can help you with Grass Blocks and Cobwebs, here are some cool Minecraft tips for you. Start pouring the water on such elements to get a clean hallway or landscape.

10. Boat for Walking Through Walls

By pushing a boat into the blocks of the front wall, you can get the boat halfway through the wall. Then, left-click and left-shift for utilizing the glitch of boat entrance-exit dynamics and go through it.


Here are the top 10 Minecraft tips that’ll help you get an enjoyable experience from the game. Like the endless possibilities within this game, there is no end to Minecraft tips or hacks. Though the tips discussed here are substantial, there are many others that you might find out while playing or hanging out with the Minecraft community.

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